Tough obstacles appear on the road to 30-0.

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  1. MR Mayor

    MR Mayor

    17 dagar sedan

    camera settings ?

  2. saeeddeanable


    19 dagar sedan

    Do it to urself i love ur WL vids

  3. PCGaming


    19 dagar sedan

    13:18 fifa community summed up nicely

  4. PCGaming


    19 dagar sedan

    how do you pull off the la croquetta cancel so fast? I swear when I try it's either really slow or doesnt even register my command

  5. Ilya Sinai

    Ilya Sinai

    20 dagar sedan

    Sell pele

  6. Fut Eleven

    Fut Eleven

    20 dagar sedan

    congrats bro

  7. cisco vy

    cisco vy

    20 dagar sedan

    @9.35 - so why do you play @Boras ?

  8. Pablo Seabra

    Pablo Seabra

    20 dagar sedan

    Barella is your man... have you done him?

  9. Volamber


    20 dagar sedan

    that hair is nice

  10. JoeSixGuns _2007A

    JoeSixGuns _2007A

    20 dagar sedan

    Are you Turkish

  11. Daniel Krivtsov

    Daniel Krivtsov

    20 dagar sedan

    Only you Boras who still play Vidal fb as a pro😅

  12. Rak


    20 dagar sedan

    You've started becoming a clickbait rat with these titlez bro😂

  13. Elias Sjögren

    Elias Sjögren

    20 dagar sedan

    Wrong sound effect? 13:51

  14. Lonely Person

    Lonely Person

    20 dagar sedan

    1:38 this game)

  15. Lag The Splitter

    Lag The Splitter

    20 dagar sedan

    When the opponent quited after the pen i screamed so hard...thank god you made a perfect ending next match

  16. Yousayyx


    20 dagar sedan

    Whats your camera angle settings?

  17. Dino God

    Dino God

    20 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the video

  18. Oliver blomberg

    Oliver blomberg

    20 dagar sedan

    boras please listen to me, if you can you has to get mbappe tots, the tots is a cheat code its a glitch, a through ball to him and its a guarenteed goal, with the boosted aggresion and strenght boost he is a absolut glitch

  19. Federico Duran

    Federico Duran

    20 dagar sedan


  20. bill zlatan jr.10

    bill zlatan jr.10

    20 dagar sedan

    +18 content 😂😂😂

  21. Melker Nilsson

    Melker Nilsson

    20 dagar sedan

    0:26 lets go

  22. Trisha Gaming

    Trisha Gaming

    20 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the video

  23. Rotterdam


    20 dagar sedan

    You’re really good man damn. Good job!!

  24. Mansoor Khan

    Mansoor Khan

    20 dagar sedan

    Wow top 200 rewards. Thursday will be fun

  25. Softbox


    20 dagar sedan

    love you cut bro

  26. FIFA ARW


    20 dagar sedan

    Complaining for the goal u conceded by the top 5 guy... I never see you complain when you score these goals though... Just saying.

  27. Kwstakhs Olasedibe

    Kwstakhs Olasedibe

    20 dagar sedan

    Hey guys i completed Walkers showdown sbc and thought that he would be one of the best cbs in the game but as games went through i was not seeing anything crazy from him he was getting outpaced a lot he was unstable and he wasnt winning the ball a lot if anyone has the same problem it would be nice to share it with me so I could know that not only my walker is bad

    • Kwstakhs Olasedibe

      Kwstakhs Olasedibe

      20 dagar sedan

      @Jeffrey Smit Yes for sure!

    • Jeffrey Smit

      Jeffrey Smit

      20 dagar sedan

      I thought it was just me.. There is something off with that Walker card.

  28. xyhad


    20 dagar sedan

    you should get moments okocha boras! you really enjoyed him!

  29. The EmPERors Watch Gaming

    The EmPERors Watch Gaming

    20 dagar sedan

    I think u should look away and not watch who u playing against Maybe you will be a bit static in your game if u know that it’s Oliboli on the other side I mean u are also one of the best players in the world and can beat him if u play like u use to do against other players

  30. Techno Freak

    Techno Freak

    20 dagar sedan

    the ending almost had me crying

  31. harambae


    20 dagar sedan

    Nut to glory 👀👀

  32. XHXSSN-_


    20 dagar sedan

    Cam settings?

  33. Shanty Gaming

    Shanty Gaming

    20 dagar sedan

    finally Let's goooo!

  34. Kaiiizy


    20 dagar sedan

    Fare Well Arturo you will never be forgotten.. ❤😢

  35. murt3da 01

    murt3da 01

    20 dagar sedan

    Nice haircut bro ♥️😅👍

  36. Fediuc Ioan

    Fediuc Ioan

    20 dagar sedan

    Don't mind me, just a bit of feedback. I would watch more but the controller sounds kill me everytime.

  37. Mbuster


    20 dagar sedan

    Boras at 26-1: Meets someone named Tangerudbakken. Me: Knowing its a norwegian meme program about people with downs syndrome

  38. Kristian Aaserud

    Kristian Aaserud

    20 dagar sedan

    08:09 wasp outside my window at 4am trying to get inside

  39. kyro gyro

    kyro gyro

    20 dagar sedan

    Boras i was going to stop playing not beacuse i had a bad team but trough balls and nut meggs but after watching u for like months u made me comeback so thank u and that hair cut is firee

  40. cdkip


    20 dagar sedan


  41. Miqdad Khorakiwala

    Miqdad Khorakiwala

    21 dag sedan

    4:22 man got robbed😂

  42. Finn Heijns

    Finn Heijns

    21 dag sedan

    The captain ❤️❤️❤️❤️ We love you Vidal



    21 dag sedan

    No one: Me before the vid starts: HELLLLLOOOO

  44. Finn Heijns

    Finn Heijns

    21 dag sedan

    It's because he has Cristiano toty, otherwise he doesn't get the ball

  45. Cowan Kurtz

    Cowan Kurtz

    21 dag sedan

    Can you couch me on 18 of june because i am writing exams antil the 18

    • Cowan Kurtz

      Cowan Kurtz

      21 dag sedan

      I've seen the ad right now

  46. Jan Olgun

    Jan Olgun

    21 dag sedan

    I am really surprised with the mount of the free wins that boras gets

  47. Роман Макеев

    Роман Макеев

    21 dag sedan


  48. ET 07

    ET 07

    21 dag sedan

    Is it worth to unlock cantona or save fodder for high tier icons



    21 dag sedan

    Boras what do you think of sarri coming? Apparently we’ve offered him a HUGE contract over 3 years

  50. Abhijeet Bhatt

    Abhijeet Bhatt

    21 dag sedan

    I am more excited for Bora's rewards than mine. 😀 Get that Neymar 🔥

  51. Darrell Tay

    Darrell Tay

    21 dag sedan

    Petition to keep Vidal on subs, he tried his best this week.

  52. Naafis Sadik Khan

    Naafis Sadik Khan

    21 dag sedan

    Boras, the best fifa youtuber, hands down 🙏🏼

  53. Aditya Jadhav

    Aditya Jadhav

    21 dag sedan

    14:36 yo boras. what are you doing there my man 🤣

  54. Intaj Ahmed

    Intaj Ahmed

    21 dag sedan

    How do i get ur coaching boras??? Want to learn from the best ❤️

  55. Daniel


    21 dag sedan

    If someone quits whilst drawing you need to get the win, so frustrating. Why are people so toxic man

  56. Daniel Lana

    Daniel Lana

    21 dag sedan

    Hey legend! Pelé's last name is read like if it was with "ss" instead of "sc". So try reading Nascimento like "Nassimento", it'll the right pronunciation. That's it, big fan from Brazil!

  57. Heja BvB 09

    Heja BvB 09

    21 dag sedan

    Should I get rttf davies and tots cancelo or tots davies and rttf cancelo?

  58. E


    21 dag sedan

    What a great video for me to watch right before going to bed at 5:14 am 🤩

  59. Hunta34


    21 dag sedan

    Great vid bro! love the content

  60. Liam Chapman

    Liam Chapman

    21 dag sedan

    Boras, can u do like a top 5 players in each position video please? I think with tots all out, we need to be updated on players who can get us the extra win in the weekend league

  61. Eduardo Nunez

    Eduardo Nunez

    21 dag sedan

    The True Capitan! LEGEND.

  62. Francisco Huato

    Francisco Huato

    21 dag sedan

    Toxic AF on that 2nd to last match. Players like that just need to go away.

  63. Big Shady

    Big Shady

    21 dag sedan

    Hey bro. I’ve been watching and learning from you for years and will for years to come. So, first off.... thank you for the awesome content. You’re the best. Second, For next weekend, I think you should consider replacing Zambrotta with moments Carlos Alberto (SBC). He’s been incredibly good for me. Replaced Zambrota after just 2 games. ...... Great games this week and good luck on Thursday. I’ll be watching.

  64. Juan Manuel Tapia Alzate

    Juan Manuel Tapia Alzate

    21 dag sedan

    How does he stop so fast to do the elástico?

  65. Somali Boys

    Somali Boys

    21 dag sedan

    We miss your Swedish channel plz be post as possible 🤦🏽‍♂️⏳

  66. edmasta241295


    21 dag sedan

    El Capitan 😢😢

  67. Mash Ningshen

    Mash Ningshen

    21 dag sedan

    People like Barnet Stanley really do piss players who want to play earnestly and achieve a certain level. They should receive a penalty for disconnecting a match like that...if there was only a way so.

  68. gizmotje


    21 dag sedan

    Drieeeehiiiiiiieeeewwsss 😂

  69. eder briceno

    eder briceno

    21 dag sedan

    14:35 18yr+ content

  70. enes özcan

    enes özcan

    21 dag sedan

    11:37 looks a little bit wrong 😂

  71. lukemeier The god

    lukemeier The god

    21 dag sedan

    Nut to glory 😂

  72. - leksa35

    - leksa35

    21 dag sedan

    Imagine sniping ones own coach and ruining his record.. ffs

  73. i360HD


    21 dag sedan

    @12:55 you heavy touched it. There is no ’DDA’ there. Stop fucking moaning about every little thing that goes against you.

  74. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana

    21 dag sedan


  75. daniel Martins

    daniel Martins

    21 dag sedan

    The guy that left the game on the pen for you Is the kind guy that makes fifa community trash, they now will get the L but still don't want you to win sad people

    • Jimbo Sanchez

      Jimbo Sanchez

      20 dagar sedan

      !! Pathetic energy

  76. Sandy


    21 dag sedan

    Hi Boras, if you change your country 30-0 is guaranteed.

  77. JuicyHorse


    21 dag sedan

    Boras: bye bye Vidal Me: I’m not crying you are

  78. Waheed Khan

    Waheed Khan

    21 dag sedan

    Yess boras finally top 200

  79. DylanPlayz


    21 dag sedan

    Da baby

  80. MeoW BauH

    MeoW BauH

    21 dag sedan

    So called pros played all the same style, its a matter of Luck who wins it

  81. Illematic


    21 dag sedan

    Kommer göra ont i hjärtat att se matcherna imorn, va 25-1 så kunde inte ge vinsten :(

  82. hurs_ be

    hurs_ be

    21 dag sedan

    94 R9, Toty Mbappe or Toty CR7?

  83. Lordro1o


    21 dag sedan

    Nice one Ivan. Things you love to see.

  84. Hillal


    21 dag sedan

    Bores i am looking forward to next weekend League



    21 dag sedan

    Boras, keep arturito.. he’s the true captain 🔥🔥

  86. user deleteddd

    user deleteddd

    21 dag sedan

    use tots rafa he is so underrated

  87. Wrriorz_TV


    21 dag sedan

    boras with the fresh cut

  88. Drew Castle

    Drew Castle

    21 dag sedan

    Not gonna lie bro, from 14:35 to 14:40, very sus as you’re screaming out DRIEEEESSSSSSS haha.

    • Jxde 15

      Jxde 15

      21 dag sedan

      Also at 9:45 haha

  89. Mo


    21 dag sedan

    I have as my attack: neymar tots, mbappe potm and atal. Who plays where in a 4312 ?

  90. mittens the house cat

    mittens the house cat

    21 dag sedan

    Red Neymar incoming I can feel it 😤

  91. Ali Al Masri

    Ali Al Masri

    21 dag sedan

    What is the formation he plays with?

    • Matthew Zamacona

      Matthew Zamacona

      20 dagar sedan

      @Ali Al Masri it’s 442 or 41212(2)

    • Ali Al Masri

      Ali Al Masri

      20 dagar sedan

      @Matthew Zamacona he has 3 cdms

    • Matthew Zamacona

      Matthew Zamacona

      21 dag sedan


  92. N.S


    21 dag sedan

    Arturito make it a happy ending🤣

  93. Ab


    21 dag sedan

    Vidal really gave us an emotional last game tough 😢💔

  94. H 1

    H 1

    21 dag sedan

    What is happen with video quality? Keep up the good work Watch you every day, best fifa content in SE-one From Saudi Arabia.

  95. Stefan Dookeeram

    Stefan Dookeeram

    21 dag sedan

    Great watch congrats boras

  96. Timo D.

    Timo D.

    21 dag sedan

    But if vidal el capitan leaves, pls keep him in the Club on the reserves for good vibes

  97. Oalhelfy


    21 dag sedan


  98. Jetto Aji

    Jetto Aji

    21 dag sedan

    Vidal is on the line Boras: I’m going to play my best 30 games

  99. Richard DeMello

    Richard DeMello

    21 dag sedan

    Congrats Boras! Great WL. A good sending off for the captain. Cheers!

  100. Tage Sango

    Tage Sango

    21 dag sedan

    Noooo😭 pls don’t byes to Arturito