We hunt for the most desirable La Liga players.

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  1. ayman7 ayman7

    ayman7 ayman7

    28 dagar sedan

    u too bro and dont forget to pray for palestine

  2. Caldwell Miles

    Caldwell Miles

    Månad sedan

    4:06 *”this is the thing u need.” *** *”Am I right?”* *垃圾。Lord*

  3. Heinrich Stander

    Heinrich Stander

    Månad sedan

    I wish you more luck for next rewards my GOAT🙌

  4. Harvey Askins

    Harvey Askins

    Månad sedan

    With subtitles on it says “hello Feminist Boris here”

  5. Arian Mahdavi

    Arian Mahdavi

    Månad sedan

    I got 11 walkouts in that pack and saved Kounde thanks it was not Varane since i got his red and Blue, handed Varane and Oblak and some walkouts in the prime or moment pack and got moment maradona. Sick

  6. Gareth Gillatt

    Gareth Gillatt

    Månad sedan

    I never got one walk out in my 84 x20 :(

  7. Роман Макеев

    Роман Макеев

    Månad sedan


  8. Nabil Aslam

    Nabil Aslam

    Månad sedan

    Love u boras 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽ur amazing. Never change king

  9. Magical Forces

    Magical Forces

    Månad sedan

    Thank You Boras❤️!!! Respect!!! Eid mubarak to all of you!!!

  10. Samed Başkaya

    Samed Başkaya

    Månad sedan

    Turco’s love u bro

  11. JSM - Gang

    JSM - Gang

    Månad sedan

    Try flashback pique he is class you canot get thru him

  12. Oreo Sufod

    Oreo Sufod

    Månad sedan

    thank you boras , the only fifa youtuber that i enjoy watching , keep up the great work brother

  13. Badflyful


    Månad sedan

    FYI llorente is better cm than vasques hands down, i have them both...

  14. Madmurderer666


    Månad sedan

    Legend. Thanks for the message at the beginning

  15. Hambo Houston

    Hambo Houston

    Månad sedan

    I also got trolled my kounde from guaranteed tots pack! Thought it was varane haha. Still a great card though

  16. Neil Walker

    Neil Walker

    Månad sedan

    I’ve stopped playing the game few weeks, but did put all my golds into player picks, Got Suarez- Vasquez- de jong- fekir- navas-kounde. Did the coutinho sbc- also rodrygo and played 3 games, enjoyed non of them, the game is so bad, and no fun at all, It’s all about screwing the players and making money for ea

  17. chimpwithguns


    Månad sedan

    Hahaha!!! The TOTS French CB is a FRAUD

  18. Anton Henrysson

    Anton Henrysson

    Månad sedan

    Try benzema!!

  19. games Ofradu

    games Ofradu

    Månad sedan

    I made about 40 picks and got 2 Kounde and you got Llorente from 14 picks lmao

  20. Ammar Alharthi

    Ammar Alharthi

    Månad sedan

    Eid mubarak boras if you were in my country i would of got you some special cooked meat 🔥🍖.

  21. omar fersi

    omar fersi

    Månad sedan

    Eid mubarak bro ❤️❤️

  22. Yusuf hüzmeli

    Yusuf hüzmeli

    Månad sedan

    Greetings from Turkey Boras. Great video!

  23. Gurkamalpreet Buttar

    Gurkamalpreet Buttar

    Månad sedan

    Borassss I got carrasco and llorente

  24. Shadab Khan

    Shadab Khan

    Månad sedan

    I packed moments eusebio from prime or moments icon SBC last night and haven't slept till now.. a big Eid Mubarak from EA sports❤️

  25. sneaaaze_


    Månad sedan

    Yo Boras I have a question to ask you Ronaldo 94, Pelé 95 or Cantona 94 ?

  26. Psmoolla


    Månad sedan

    Eid Mubarak everyone, thank u boras💙

  27. Sergio Iván González

    Sergio Iván González

    Månad sedan

    Boras legend indeed.

  28. bader alenzi

    bader alenzi

    Månad sedan

    Try benzema please he suits u perfectly

  29. Adem


    Månad sedan

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Eid mubarak

  30. Houcem Fehri

    Houcem Fehri

    Månad sedan

    What a legend brother. Thanks for your wishes for the Eid ❤️❤️

  31. Matthew Earle

    Matthew Earle

    Månad sedan

    I have not made over 100k on a card in 7 month things could be worse for you

  32. Shakawat Hossain

    Shakawat Hossain

    Månad sedan

    Eid all football fricks!!

  33. Sid the science kid

    Sid the science kid

    Månad sedan

    Wth...i got the exact same players too, benzema, llorente, and vazquez

  34. has shakir

    has shakir

    Månad sedan

    Thank you boras. Respect 🙏🏻👍🏻

  35. Khaled Hussin

    Khaled Hussin

    Månad sedan

    Eid Mubarak to you... Legend

  36. DMR Soccer

    DMR Soccer

    Månad sedan

    Can't wait to watch you this weekend, you make my day with your videos! Best of luck LEGEND!!

  37. Upolobdh Phonglo

    Upolobdh Phonglo

    Månad sedan

    How did you get the premium laliga tots pack?

    • Mak Milanovic Bolfek

      Mak Milanovic Bolfek

      Månad sedan


    • Mak Milanovic Bolfek

      Mak Milanovic Bolfek

      Månad sedan

      Inish elite in champs

  38. Thamer


    Månad sedan

    Thank you so much ivan ❤️

  39. Ahmed Osama

    Ahmed Osama

    Månad sedan

    Much love & respect Boras Eid Saeed everyone 🖤

  40. A M

    A M

    Månad sedan

    What a guy you are Boras! The biggest legend❤️



    Månad sedan

    Lucas Vazquez is a fraud beaware don't use him

  42. Habib Douar

    Habib Douar

    Månad sedan

    Bras top content créateur

  43. S 24

    S 24

    Månad sedan

    From United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪 , Thx boras and Eid Mubarak to u all ✨♥️.

  44. محمد الحسيني

    محمد الحسيني

    Månad sedan

    Thank you legend . Wish you a not 💦 weekend For T100



    Månad sedan

    day 3 of asking you to sell cantona and buy cruyff

  46. bader 392

    bader 392

    Månad sedan

    Thank you boras 💙 Eid Mubarak to all of you 🌹

  47. kevin karlsson

    kevin karlsson

    Månad sedan

    I got messi in my 80+ player pick :)

  48. PouyanXazz


    Månad sedan

    Packed tradable messi in mixed pack just after i got suarez🤣

  49. Johan Harris

    Johan Harris

    Månad sedan

    Heard Benzema is a beast. Even his player of the month is good, the tots will be even better.

  50. Xierdan


    Månad sedan

    Benz with that Vasquez link plus bringing back Acuna, Llórente, and Kounde. The band is back together!

  51. Mr. Whit

    Mr. Whit

    Månad sedan

    I have the Benzema POTM (94) card and he is really good for corners with his heading stats. I assume his TOTS version will be even better in this regard. Make sure to give him chances there when you try him out.

  52. Bashir Shahout

    Bashir Shahout

    Månad sedan

    Thank you Boras❤️❤️❤️ Eid Mubarak for all

  53. Shan M

    Shan M

    Månad sedan

    Benzema has 25 goals in 5 games for me in Divison 1. Before this, I used Atal, Prime Butra, Neymar and some others but its been a while since I won games by a big margin, thanks to Benzema.

    • Shan M

      Shan M

      Månad sedan

      Rayzzeerr Fire Yea bro benzema is wreaking havoc 🔥

    • Rayzzeerr Fire

      Rayzzeerr Fire

      Månad sedan

      25 goals in 5 games, u sure it’s division 1?

  54. AHMED


    Månad sedan

    thank you boras so much

  55. KaifGaming786


    Månad sedan

    Thanks for the Eid Mubarak message bro

  56. Berat Özgen

    Berat Özgen

    Månad sedan

    Merhaba Boras love from Turkey

  57. Emil Gullblom

    Emil Gullblom

    Månad sedan

    Tjo Ivan! I have prime Desailly and TOTS Koundé , which is better?

    • BorasLegend


      Månad sedan

      Desailly by far

  58. Drew Castle

    Drew Castle

    Månad sedan

    If you packed De Jong I would have cried even more, sorry I missed lots of the stream, I had some meetings unfortunately. Looking forward to seeing the new team for this weekend!

  59. Abdulla Rajjo

    Abdulla Rajjo

    Månad sedan

    Eid Mubarak Boras!! Love from Bangladesh!

  60. AJH HD

    AJH HD

    Månad sedan

    Benz is amazing

  61. Amr


    Månad sedan

    I packed both Llorente (red) and Vazquez from the guaranteed. I wasn’t quite impressed with them at first. I gave both a try since I already have Kounde and i wanted to make FB Coutinho. Let me tell you, Llorente is one of the best midfielders in the game, absolute animal with shadow. As for Lucas V, im playing him on 7 chem at RB, on shadow he lacks a bit of physical presence, but man he is incredible as well. Give them a try, certainly Llorente. Best of luck Boras, i learn so much from you bro.

    • Amr


      Månad sedan

      Lucas V on anchor*

  62. Adam Korsfeldt

    Adam Korsfeldt

    Månad sedan

    Benzema or Suarez?

  63. Aadil Hamid

    Aadil Hamid

    Månad sedan

    Eid Mubarak!! Love from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰❣️❣️

  64. Şenan Deniz Hava

    Şenan Deniz Hava

    Månad sedan

    Teşekkür boras 🥰🥰🥰

  65. Salim Alfannah

    Salim Alfannah

    Månad sedan

    eid mubarak Boras thanks

  66. Colm Kendrick

    Colm Kendrick

    Månad sedan

    Got gold 1 for the first time this year and got oblak and casemiro in picks and made less than 100k from the two jumbo rare players packs. I have a bundesliga team so I'm hoping my luck will turn good for next week's rewards

  67. Jordan Thorn

    Jordan Thorn

    Månad sedan

    Man, you have to stop speaking your bad red picks into existence... my guy, you’ve got to be more optimistic but not greedy lol. Appreciate your commentaries and you seem like decent guy. Your uploads are nice to watch. Best of luck to you and your SE-one career

  68. Yasir Sohail Khan

    Yasir Sohail Khan

    Månad sedan

    Eid Mubarak to u too Legend ❣️ from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  69. Tworzy


    Månad sedan

    I got varane and benzema from my picks

  70. Misko Miskovic

    Misko Miskovic

    Månad sedan

    Who is better, for (ST) ??? Rashford 89 Barnes 92

  71. ahmedj


    Månad sedan

    From Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦, i wish Eid mubark to all muslim.

  72. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    Månad sedan

    Bro try Benzema with an engine at CAM he in not heavy at all he is really agile and so strong. I have Cantona as well and I tried Benzema instead and he is like a more agile cantona

  73. Manny


    Månad sedan

    I love boras Eid Mubarak ❤️

  74. Chris Taps

    Chris Taps

    Månad sedan

    Benzema with an engine is so smooth on the ball, one of my favourite players of the whole year

    • Adam Korsfeldt

      Adam Korsfeldt

      Månad sedan

      @MishMash i play Pelé and Suarez ST and coutinho cam so i use Benzema as a Supersub

    • Madmurderer666


      Månad sedan

      I got Benzema in 85+ pick. So good. His passing is mad.

    • MishMash


      Månad sedan

      @Adam Korsfeldt Well it's better to play 2 ST formation this year. Something like 5212. Pele and Suarez ST and Benz CAM. I play this with press after possession loss and 7 depth. I get elite 3 with that.

    • Adam Korsfeldt

      Adam Korsfeldt

      Månad sedan

      @MishMash have Pelé striker so can Only have one of those and i have packed them both untradable

    • MishMash


      Månad sedan

      @Adam Korsfeldt Benz CAM Suarez ST

  75. Abdulthagamer


    Månad sedan

    Boras u need to try benzema, trust he is very agile , forget what d stat says . Hes gazed

  76. Ak Bismil

    Ak Bismil

    Månad sedan

    Khair mubarak my g

  77. Aaqib Mehrban

    Aaqib Mehrban

    Månad sedan

    Boras Legend love ur videos . and love ur personality thanks for wishing eid mubarak

  78. En smule doven

    En smule doven

    Månad sedan

    I got De Jong from my guaranteed La Liga tots pack

  79. Muhayudin Raza

    Muhayudin Raza

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for Wishing us Eid Mubarak You’re a legend Boras ✨🙌

  80. Steve


    Månad sedan

    Got Messi in my 84x20 and im telling everyone. Love you Boras

  81. Teodor Söderquist

    Teodor Söderquist

    Månad sedan


  82. Lucas Echeverria

    Lucas Echeverria

    Månad sedan

    I got king Kenny out of icon swaps #5

  83. Bolu Tietie

    Bolu Tietie

    Månad sedan

    I dont usually comment but wanted to share that I packed De Jong

  84. LongMoneyBir


    Månad sedan

    I have benzema and messi and benzema has more contributions in less games. Not saying he’s better than messi but benzema is pure class.

  85. Hooligan T

    Hooligan T

    Månad sedan

    What a legend Boras is. Thanks for the message at the beginning. 💯

    • Edvin Melander

      Edvin Melander

      Månad sedan

      @VG yes that’s why his name is Boras Legend

    • VG


      Månad sedan

      @Edvin Melander he meant that boras IS a legend

    • Edvin Melander

      Edvin Melander

      Månad sedan

      Boras legend

  86. 3bdulaziz


    Månad sedan

    Eid mubarak legend ❤️

  87. J P

    J P

    Månad sedan

    Use Benzema, I had 88 goals in 33 games

    • Reload TV

      Reload TV

      Månad sedan

      Sqaud battles or your forcing goals with him

  88. outlandishhh


    Månad sedan

    Thank you boras much respect 🖤🖤 Eid Mubarak to u all 🖤

  89. Sameer Aljaghbeer

    Sameer Aljaghbeer

    Månad sedan

    Eid mubark bro , best fifa content ever keep up

  90. Sports Fervour

    Sports Fervour

    Månad sedan

    KOUNDE troll

  91. Mahmudur Rahman Tonoy

    Mahmudur Rahman Tonoy

    Månad sedan

    What a nice gesture. Eid Mubarak Boras!

  92. Mohd Alh

    Mohd Alh

    Månad sedan

    Thank you Boras ❤️

  93. Liam Mangan

    Liam Mangan

    Månad sedan


  94. ENJIE MA


    Månad sedan

    benzema is not heavy at all. quite the opposite. You should check him out!

    • Chris


      Månad sedan

      @Bradley Monk thanks bro

    • Reaper lb

      Reaper lb

      Månad sedan

      Benzema =4* cantona

    • Ysn Md

      Ysn Md

      Månad sedan

      @Jamie Wells sorry my bad. I watched a review from Nick run the fut market and he said that his presence felt like R9 without the 5* skills and weakfoot

    • Jamie Wells

      Jamie Wells

      Månad sedan

      @Ysn Md I have 94 R9 you really can't compare the 2 benzema is literally nothing compared to R9

    • Ysn Md

      Ysn Md

      Månad sedan

      Apparently he plays a bit like Ronaldo R9 because of the strength

  95. N.S


    Månad sedan

    Go back to 4222 play benzema on the wing

  96. Evil Bellamy

    Evil Bellamy

    Månad sedan

    Eid mubarak ♥️😍 Love from Pakistan

  97. Yazka


    Månad sedan

    What a 🐐 Eid Mubarak !

  98. Marveh


    Månad sedan

    I somehow got Varane from my G2 red picks... You've been shafted in your reds :(

  99. Mihkel.


    Månad sedan

    why do i always get the boraslegend gamerzclass ad on his own videod

  100. harley hughes

    harley hughes

    Månad sedan

    Love the content!!!