They leave their heart on the pitch, but is it enough?

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  1. Abhinav De

    Abhinav De

    10 dagar sedan

    Waman is awesome because he is the best dribbler in fifa 21 that’s what my bro told me

  2. Izuchukwu Godwin

    Izuchukwu Godwin

    17 dagar sedan


  3. modigosmidig


    17 dagar sedan

    Damn Bounou looks horrible

  4. HaRd_TaCkLe CB

    HaRd_TaCkLe CB

    18 dagar sedan

    Fifa 22 ain't getting money lol ,done with the stress .

  5. saeeddeanable


    19 dagar sedan

    Don't call Salah Pharoah. Pharoah is maybe the most hated person in his religion. And I know there were more than 1 Pharoahs but bcuz there is no distinction we be respectful

  6. hawamdeh416


    19 dagar sedan

    The african music makes it a hundred times better, LOVE FROM JERUSALEM BORAS 💙

  7. Jack Russell

    Jack Russell

    19 dagar sedan

    Shooting button is triangle ah for me doubt 🤷‍♂️

  8. Zaher


    19 dagar sedan

    GG Boras! You are doing this to your self bro! 60! Why! RTG and thats all we ask for.

  9. Floris Grondman

    Floris Grondman

    19 dagar sedan

    18:00 yessssssssssss finaly i love this boras play guitar finally amazing man i play trompet and i am a fifa player as well can we start a band? 🎺 there isn’t a emoji of a guitar 😂💪

  10. Dino God

    Dino God

    19 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the video

  11. Jire Olanlokun

    Jire Olanlokun

    19 dagar sedan


  12. Pedro Silva

    Pedro Silva

    19 dagar sedan

    Why u gay?

  13. Trisha Gaming

    Trisha Gaming

    19 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the video

  14. Sayantan Ray

    Sayantan Ray

    19 dagar sedan

    Wait you can play the same guy twice in the same weekend league??

    • Porcupine


      19 dagar sedan

      Yeah bro, has happened to me

  15. Shae is Goatified

    Shae is Goatified

    19 dagar sedan

    Next week do South America boras?

  16. g


    19 dagar sedan

    Do a 30-0 challenge with only the absolute cheapest ICON in every position?

  17. Peter Liuwandy

    Peter Liuwandy

    19 dagar sedan

    its okay tho with that defender Boras!

  18. Gurkamalpreet Buttar

    Gurkamalpreet Buttar

    19 dagar sedan

    This shows how teams matter so much he gets elite 1+ with sick rtg team but with African only Gold 1

  19. Abdulhafeez Aminu

    Abdulhafeez Aminu

    19 dagar sedan

    welcome to elite4 my bro, we're a lot here haha

  20. martin yeah

    martin yeah

    19 dagar sedan

    Watching boras concede stupid goals with non meta team makes me think i might be not a bad player (i play Puyol +pique cbs)

  21. Wu Aaren

    Wu Aaren

    19 dagar sedan


  22. Fear


    19 dagar sedan

    Boras do a full Muslim team, so many goods Muslims.

  23. Race _FN

    Race _FN

    20 dagar sedan

    Do a swedish or Nordic team next WL 💪👍

  24. Роман Макеев

    Роман Макеев

    20 dagar sedan

    not bad

  25. Soham Pakhira

    Soham Pakhira

    20 dagar sedan

    The bgm was so hype!

  26. Naafis Sadik Khan

    Naafis Sadik Khan

    20 dagar sedan

    The background musics were fire tho! 🔥

  27. imb 19

    imb 19

    20 dagar sedan

    Welcome to the gold 1 gang botas

  28. niknam riyahi

    niknam riyahi

    20 dagar sedan

    Difference between xbox and PlayStation :)

  29. r.i.p legend

    r.i.p legend

    20 dagar sedan

    fut is dead

  30. Gato 69xxx

    Gato 69xxx

    20 dagar sedan

    Youre a shit pro player if boras beats you with an African team 😭

  31. Space Mechanic

    Space Mechanic

    20 dagar sedan

    Welcome to Gold Boras. Nice of you to join us 😅

  32. MrCool


    20 dagar sedan

    The best in my eyes

  33. ENJIE MA


    20 dagar sedan

    5:54 im dead🤣

  34. Shashank Bhavaraju

    Shashank Bhavaraju

    20 dagar sedan

    My favourite SE-oner for a reason

  35. Sergio Iván González

    Sergio Iván González

    20 dagar sedan

    Me getting Gold 2: *Happy during all week* Boras gets Gold 2: *Creates Emo Song about how much he sucks*

    • BorasLegend


      17 dagar sedan


    • MrBudha25


      19 dagar sedan

      Same man, best I’ve ever done is Gold 2 😂

  36. Illematic


    20 dagar sedan


  37. fzr2k


    20 dagar sedan

    More guitar content please!

  38. Jake Griffiths

    Jake Griffiths

    20 dagar sedan

    Sounds like a typical weekend league for me... think im getting top 200 and end up in gold 1 🤣🤣

  39. Mash Ningshen

    Mash Ningshen

    20 dagar sedan

    Finally saw you play your guitar, but not for the best of tributes! Next time, sing for the win!

  40. Forget Edits

    Forget Edits

    20 dagar sedan

    Africa ❤️❤️

  41. MisterMobbit


    20 dagar sedan

    Needs more Boras guitar

  42. Oscar Bonilla

    Oscar Bonilla

    20 dagar sedan

    The house keeper at the gold mansion has a room for you boras 😂😂😂 just kidding

  43. Eoin Finnerty

    Eoin Finnerty

    20 dagar sedan

    U should do one with no players from top 9 nations

  44. Alex Valenzuela

    Alex Valenzuela

    20 dagar sedan

    JJ “Haven’t seen u in a while” Okocha

  45. murt3da 01

    murt3da 01

    20 dagar sedan

    Bro , I really like your haircut. You look amazing 🤩

  46. MetrosClique


    20 dagar sedan

    I always like when you blend the soundtrack based on the theme of the squad. Soundtrack always fire 🔥. You a legend bro

  47. G Leon

    G Leon

    20 dagar sedan

    Stop calling sylas..it’s wamannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  48. Jorge Mora

    Jorge Mora

    20 dagar sedan

    Then i must always play my 30 games tired ... hahaha

  49. Drew Castle

    Drew Castle

    20 dagar sedan

    Bro that Ndidi penalty at 7.15 had me pissing myself laughing 😂 such an EA thing to happen 😂

  50. Sabir Mohamed

    Sabir Mohamed

    20 dagar sedan

    Exactly what Van der saar did to me this week last minute karate kick 6:09

  51. The Recluse99

    The Recluse99

    20 dagar sedan

    As much as I love your daily content, Please DON'T DO 60 GAMES every weekend anymore (as it's Ultimate TOTS maybe make this your last one coming up). It's not nice seeing you tired, whatever else you decide to upload as replacement I promise we will still watch and support you brother 👊🏽♥️

  52. Jerry Longman

    Jerry Longman

    20 dagar sedan

    Need to see a “Weekend League: The Musical” next weekend featuring Guitar Boras!

  53. Zachary Storey

    Zachary Storey

    20 dagar sedan

    18:02 What we were all waiting for, The guitar, finally

  54. Saad Mehmood

    Saad Mehmood

    20 dagar sedan

    “Gold 2 im coming soon” had me dead 🤣🤣

  55. Yafet Solomon

    Yafet Solomon

    20 dagar sedan

    All i can say is thank god i am not in Sweden, so many pros that boras faces every week

  56. Emrah Sener

    Emrah Sener

    20 dagar sedan

    Because of your Atal love you will always make teams can have Atal in 😂😂

  57. Lakze


    20 dagar sedan

    That's a real Tommy Shelby haircut right there

  58. CrossoverComps


    20 dagar sedan

    you could use the entire “french” team for this full african team

    • Jonathan


      20 dagar sedan

      They are French bro

    • Nef Cossio

      Nef Cossio

      20 dagar sedan

      Spicy XDDD

    • P. Seshadri

      P. Seshadri

      20 dagar sedan

      So a black guy born in france isn’t French lol? Tell that to the whole Parisian crowd singing the ngolo kante song after the wc

  59. Anton Henrysson

    Anton Henrysson

    20 dagar sedan

    Nordic team next week

  60. pelarii


    20 dagar sedan

    The first opponent you played was Kossu72 with his first wl on xbox :D

  61. DFfooriez


    20 dagar sedan

    You’re the best, Boras 👍

  62. konsolennerd


    20 dagar sedan

    Imagine being that „sway house“ guy celebrating every damn goal with the same toxic celebration. What a miserable excuse of an existence.

    • Leonardo _DaG9

      Leonardo _DaG9

      19 dagar sedan

      @Ehsan Rahravan I’m sure you’re the only kid here buddy move on . Bye 👋

    • Ehsan Rahravan

      Ehsan Rahravan

      19 dagar sedan

      @Leonardo _DaG9 I thought kids shouldnt be on YT 🤔

    • Jim


      20 dagar sedan

      Just press l1 and R1 and move on why would u see the full celebration it's that simple

    • Leonardo _DaG9

      Leonardo _DaG9

      20 dagar sedan

      @Muthi Rajad shut up man I didn’t ask you to describe your life

    • Muthi Rajad

      Muthi Rajad

      20 dagar sedan

      @Leonardo _DaG9 Typical😂 Nobody shows u any love aye

  63. Ali


    20 dagar sedan

    hey boras, one thing i noticed is that when you are behind u dont seem to be as composed as usual so try to be more composed cause you seem to be rushing oppurtunties that would lead to a come back, you have the skill to come back but you need composure, love from egypt

    • ETL


      20 dagar sedan

      It's hard to get composed when you play 60 full blown games every weekend with this shithouse of a gameplay.

  64. Its Me

    Its Me

    20 dagar sedan

    Brooooh... Salah isn't African😂

    • z


      19 dagar sedan




      20 dagar sedan

      Where is egypt at then?

    • Yaseen Ali

      Yaseen Ali

      20 dagar sedan


  65. Ezequiel Zambrano

    Ezequiel Zambrano

    20 dagar sedan

    Always blames it on fatigue.. then don’t play

    • Ezequiel Zambrano

      Ezequiel Zambrano

      19 dagar sedan

      @David Google he’s very good just needs to improve his defense. He lacks a lot which is why he hasn’t got 30-0

    • David Google

      David Google

      20 dagar sedan

      don't watch him, he's humble af, he destroys top 10 pro players, and u think he would lose against those g1 toxic trashcan players?

  66. Osman Ayvaz

    Osman Ayvaz

    20 dagar sedan

    You also could play with the french national team

  67. reza m

    reza m

    20 dagar sedan

    When is your album coming out boras

  68. Whynotdele


    20 dagar sedan

    18:04 wassup Thomas Shelby

  69. Dean H

    Dean H

    20 dagar sedan

    5:04 FILTH

  70. ⚽️🏟


    20 dagar sedan

    im an African myself. lol the sound effects and edits are funny and awkward at the same time.

    • Ibrahimworldwide


      15 dagar sedan

      LOL. Love the soundtrack

    • Ballislife99


      17 dagar sedan

      Yep it's the stereotypes. Just like we germans are always portrayed as bavarians with Bavarian music and a harsh accent.

    • Giovano Pasquallie

      Giovano Pasquallie

      19 dagar sedan

      I agree. Weird and awkward is accurate.

  71. Adis Hodzic

    Adis Hodzic

    20 dagar sedan

    All French 🤷‍♂️

  72. M G

    M G

    20 dagar sedan

    19:4 Boras: Let's go for Elite 3 then

  73. black_ coin

    black_ coin

    20 dagar sedan

    Play some guitar boras🤘😂

  74. Maria Lundström

    Maria Lundström

    20 dagar sedan

    Congrats 2 400k you legend. 😃🥰❤

  75. Jai Ho

    Jai Ho

    20 dagar sedan

    Damnn it boras..finally u play the guitar!!!u should keep playing more plssss

  76. Jymaal J

    Jymaal J

    20 dagar sedan

    Gold 2 coming soon had me deading bro😂😂😂😂😂

  77. JamieCalrissian


    20 dagar sedan

    Bro you can get 95 chem with those 11 players

  78. Marouane Mezzour

    Marouane Mezzour

    20 dagar sedan

    Nice hear cut bro 😁

  79. Mohamed Elmanoufi

    Mohamed Elmanoufi

    20 dagar sedan


  80. AdamKJ


    20 dagar sedan

    Hi Chrissy

  81. Ucheval Nagesar

    Ucheval Nagesar

    20 dagar sedan

    Love from 🇿🇦

  82. Joshua González Astúa

    Joshua González Astúa

    20 dagar sedan

    I remember last fifa the episode of copa libertadores players was great.

  83. ranking berry

    ranking berry

    20 dagar sedan

    I can sleep 💤 now...after watching 👀the video

  84. vh


    20 dagar sedan

    first opponent was kossu finnish pro player with rtg squad

  85. SunnyInnit


    20 dagar sedan

    i’m a simple man, i see boras, i click

  86. JOWI 33

    JOWI 33

    20 dagar sedan

    Loving the trim my guy

  87. Igor Chrobotowicz

    Igor Chrobotowicz

    20 dagar sedan


  88. Oscar Herrera

    Oscar Herrera

    20 dagar sedan

    Helloooooo Friendless boras here, btw I know he doesn't say that but that's all I hear.

  89. KuRiLLiN


    20 dagar sedan

    daily hellooooooooooooooooooooooo part 5

  90. Just Panther

    Just Panther

    20 dagar sedan

    Fresh cut Boras👍

  91. ToNy 5eNnA

    ToNy 5eNnA

    20 dagar sedan

    This soundtrack man !! I love it Boras !!

  92. Sebastián Caris

    Sebastián Caris

    20 dagar sedan

    HelloOoOoOo friendless boras here! Aaaand today is time for....

    • Ray Bans

      Ray Bans

      20 dagar sedan

      Friendless wtf? 😆

  93. Ahamd Mujtaba

    Ahamd Mujtaba

    20 dagar sedan

    Need a comment from Boras

  94. Omai Gudnes

    Omai Gudnes

    20 dagar sedan

    Just in the halftime of Peñarol vs Plaza Colonia. Perfect timing.

  95. Ayo Tex

    Ayo Tex

    20 dagar sedan

    1st like

  96. Thomas Murphy

    Thomas Murphy

    20 dagar sedan


  97. Kalle Löfstedt

    Kalle Löfstedt

    20 dagar sedan

    Absolute legend

  98. King Badu

    King Badu

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  99. Mkswede HDXD

    Mkswede HDXD

    20 dagar sedan

    Play with Nordic team

  100. Zia Ul Haq Hamidi

    Zia Ul Haq Hamidi

    20 dagar sedan

    Pin it 26 seconds