Key players pursues different dreams while new prospects enter.

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  1. Joey 11

    Joey 11

    Månad sedan

    DA BABY?!

  2. Jonathan


    Månad sedan

    Ea: What’s DDA

  3. Jonathan


    Månad sedan

    My games every day

  4. Muhammad Al-Zo'ubi

    Muhammad Al-Zo'ubi

    Månad sedan

    First game bro it’s regular players we keeps playing against in each WL 🥲🤦‍♂️

  5. FifaGoat10


    Månad sedan

    What’s the players instructions for the 442 ?

  6. Mehdi Ben Ayed

    Mehdi Ben Ayed

    Månad sedan

    Hi boras how are you ? i would like to know your camera settings if its possible. Cheers bro

  7. deaztec


    Månad sedan

    what's wrong with your voice, weird champion

  8. Heinrich Stander

    Heinrich Stander

    Månad sedan

    New team seems like it's really solid, keep pushing GOAT, great comeback in that first game 🙌

  9. Hasta La Vista

    Hasta La Vista

    Månad sedan

    Probably Cruyff baby’s SBC this week ????? Thanks boras

  10. Sushi Ios

    Sushi Ios

    Månad sedan

    Atal been a little fraudulent I see

  11. peanutbutterchocolatecake


    Månad sedan

    Nah I would’ve not played another game after that first game

  12. JoeH


    Månad sedan

    My word that first game wtaf....

  13. Kaloyan Dimitrov

    Kaloyan Dimitrov

    Månad sedan

    im a gold 1 elite 3 player and got red oblak, decided to give him a shot and turned out to be the worst i have ever seen from a keeper in this game, stay away from this fraud keeper

  14. Mounfré


    Månad sedan

    dalrock if u see this, god bless u

  15. นายยย วาราน

    นายยย วาราน

    Månad sedan

    What about instruction

  16. Роман Макеев

    Роман Макеев

    Månad sedan

    wl for ps 5

  17. Minisane


    Månad sedan

    have people got problem with servers this wl NORTH EU

  18. Badflyful


    Månad sedan

    worst fifa till date agreed...

  19. Lexx


    Månad sedan


  20. KhaliD MoHAmeD

    KhaliD MoHAmeD

    Månad sedan

    I loved to see you playing with Neymarrr

  21. Stephen Powell

    Stephen Powell

    Månad sedan

    I keep coming up against Kounde this weekend and he is so good!

  22. Phil S

    Phil S

    Månad sedan

    try anchor on vasquez

  23. TKC x ScOuTeRzZ

    TKC x ScOuTeRzZ

    Månad sedan

    Please Instructions!🙏

  24. bartosz


    Månad sedan

    DaBaby Cruyff

  25. Rayzzeerr Fire

    Rayzzeerr Fire

    Månad sedan

    First game is fully scripted.

  26. Sebastián Caris

    Sebastián Caris

    Månad sedan

    7:02 the music with Boras face fits PERFECTLY

  27. punaaaniprince


    Månad sedan

    Thank you for sharing your frustrations in the 1st game, I thought that in game shit only happened to me, especially on PS5! Thank you LEGEND 💯

  28. Carl Olsson

    Carl Olsson

    Månad sedan

    Buy moments eusebio and tanke out cruyff. It’s good for rating and for chemistry

  29. Jake Griffiths

    Jake Griffiths

    Månad sedan

    The IQ of this quad builder, perfect versatility

  30. AngyNags


    Månad sedan

    Haha so much for most of us thinking Arturo Vidal is the ‘end game’ mid 😂! Even I have let him go after getting De Jong and Llorente

  31. Ethan S

    Ethan S

    Månad sedan

    boras it isn't just you experiencing this bull**** gameplay losing to DDA every game

  32. Zeyad Ahmed

    Zeyad Ahmed

    Månad sedan

    Bro what's your instruction

  33. Måns Mörne

    Måns Mörne

    Månad sedan

    Who is Dalrock??? A king or a god? Where did he get the money from??

  34. Zeus


    Månad sedan

    He'll be back when Alexis Sanchez gets his throwback card

  35. Jacob Henderson

    Jacob Henderson

    Månad sedan

    Grande Boras! The Choripan reference🙌🏼👌🏼

  36. snaak25


    Månad sedan

    I think he has a crush on you ❤️

  37. almatry. m

    almatry. m

    Månad sedan

    7:00 LOOOOOOL XD

  38. Gabriel Treneman

    Gabriel Treneman

    Månad sedan

    They need to nerf these keepers man. They run faster than mbappe when they come out

  39. Rialph G

    Rialph G

    Månad sedan


  40. Amir H

    Amir H

    Månad sedan

    What chemistry style did you use on Vazquez?

  41. Harvey Halgarth

    Harvey Halgarth

    Månad sedan

    That first game epitomises fifa

  42. A depth to My thoughts

    A depth to My thoughts

    Månad sedan

    I no longer play on Fridays for the exact reasons of that first game 🥴😩

  43. Shaun Thomas

    Shaun Thomas

    Månad sedan

    That first game probably have all of us cancer.. terrible by EA esp the last pen

  44. lil sni9pe

    lil sni9pe

    Månad sedan

    nein nein why mannn

  45. Alexander Rohlen

    Alexander Rohlen

    Månad sedan

    Can you Do lingard

  46. Butter_cup


    Månad sedan

    Tried champs last night for the 1st time in ages what a vile scummy game mode

  47. Milan Verhoog

    Milan Verhoog

    Månad sedan

    I ‘ve never seen such bad serverd

  48. Felix Erlandsson

    Felix Erlandsson

    Månad sedan

    Great video but what about ur instructions, can we see them to

  49. Marco Paulick

    Marco Paulick

    Månad sedan

    First game was absolut scandal

  50. Lucky Vukeya

    Lucky Vukeya

    Månad sedan

    Please make another defending tutorial

  51. Hrithik Sharma

    Hrithik Sharma

    Månad sedan

    Boras ad on boras video , what a legend ❤️

  52. Fernando Costa

    Fernando Costa

    Månad sedan

    Is the portable gaming station for the PS5? Can’t find anything online



    Månad sedan

    Almost 400k subscribers!!! Now all go subscribe to boras

  54. Arian Mahdavi

    Arian Mahdavi

    Månad sedan

    Its sick i put VVD toty on the bench for Kounde playing together with Varane

  55. Aditya Jadhav

    Aditya Jadhav

    Månad sedan

    that first game be crazy

  56. Mista Schlick

    Mista Schlick

    Månad sedan

    I haven't played fifa in months, this just looks like work instead of fun lol

  57. Mateusz Oleksiak

    Mateusz Oleksiak

    Månad sedan

    Man Man Man what happend in the first game with these players :O

  58. Andre Louw

    Andre Louw

    Månad sedan

    Got 900 games on baby Cruyff still end game card .

  59. LOKMANYU06


    Månad sedan

    Opening SE-one and hearing that "hellooooo" makes my day. King Boras!

  60. John O'Neill

    John O'Neill

    Månad sedan

    Tots rash or tots bruno

  61. anup247


    Månad sedan

    Boras. Please show your controller layout through controller settings. So much to learn from that

  62. Shane Hypno

    Shane Hypno

    Månad sedan

    That 1st game was insane

  63. Haris Niwaz

    Haris Niwaz

    Månad sedan

    whats your camera settings

  64. Daniel Lönnborg

    Daniel Lönnborg

    Månad sedan

    Can you show 442 instructions? :)

  65. ahmet metin

    ahmet metin

    Månad sedan

    9:26 good gameplay

  66. Phoolrr


    Månad sedan

    i couldn’t even get isak cos some kid was cheating and he reported me and i got suspended for a week

  67. Dino God

    Dino God

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for the video

  68. Javaaye FTN

    Javaaye FTN

    Månad sedan

  69. Jose


    Månad sedan

    You know that what was happening the first game was witchcraft Vidal making all of that because you left him :(

    • BorasLegend


      Månad sedan


  70. herolione


    Månad sedan

    I played FIFA 10 and beyond, and I did not know the loss of nine goals except for this version of FIFA !!! .. Not fun at all

  71. CertifiedKekz


    Månad sedan

    What instructions do you have on your strikers?

  72. Kank


    Månad sedan

    Five minutes until gameplay boras thats sussy

  73. Samu Sir

    Samu Sir

    Månad sedan

    Dont use kounde…gold varane better than him

  74. Eduardo Jr

    Eduardo Jr

    Månad sedan

    Is llorente at cb Good? He’s the only option I got to play there 😂

  75. daniel rko

    daniel rko

    Månad sedan

    7:40 😂

  76. daniel rko

    daniel rko

    Månad sedan

    Where bruno come from?

  77. Dante Moscatiello

    Dante Moscatiello

    Månad sedan

    Guys Cruyff SBC confirmed now cause Boras got him lol

  78. Yafet Solomon

    Yafet Solomon

    Månad sedan

    its crazy how op it is to take out goalkeepeers

    • BorasLegend


      Månad sedan

      It's silly, they have 99 pace and tackling

  79. Adam and Evil

    Adam and Evil

    Månad sedan

    Finally was able to buy baby Cruyff as well bro my elite 3 rewards paid off

  80. KubesC37


    Månad sedan

    For those wondering, Dalrock is Boras’s Sugar daddy 😌

    • Alonzo Trier

      Alonzo Trier

      Månad sedan

      Sounds like it. Good for him.

  81. Gilly Royal

    Gilly Royal

    Månad sedan

    Believe me. The gameplay has been ass ever since TOTS began. You can’t dribble, pass, shoot nor defend.. F U EA

  82. Maximiliano Guajardo

    Maximiliano Guajardo

    Månad sedan

    That choripan OMG

  83. Michael Fellner

    Michael Fellner

    Månad sedan

    Good decision imo. I have to say i think Vidals card is overrated imho. I had him myself, did put him into Marcelos SBC yesterday. Im playing 41212 narrow ingame, Marcelo is imo the greatest LB for that position and my midfield is stacked with pulled De Jong TOTS + Llorente TOTS + Saul Moments ( i think a lot of people slept on Sauls SBC, hes great ingame ). Also, i like the change from Cantona to Cruyff. Cantona also overrated card imho, Cruyff should do better for you so good luck for this weeks WL!

  84. Tor Sch

    Tor Sch

    Månad sedan

    Concentrate on your shooting positions in the first Match. You would have won it way earlier.

  85. John Chipa

    John Chipa

    Månad sedan

    What did I see in that first game???? 🥴

  86. LuckyFlamingo


    Månad sedan

    Flashback Douglas Costa...Worth it or not chat?

  87. Drew Castle

    Drew Castle

    Månad sedan

    Also going to use Vazquez this weekend. Bundesliga team is looking cracked so I’m hoping for a big triple result, Boras RTG Top 200, Boras play to win Top 200 and first ever elite finish for me, VAMOSSSSSSSS

  88. tom chad

    tom chad

    Månad sedan


  89. Jose Monterrosa

    Jose Monterrosa

    Månad sedan

    arturo in now 😡😡

  90. Liam Mangan

    Liam Mangan

    Månad sedan


  91. TipTheHost _com

    TipTheHost _com

    Månad sedan

    That first game tho 😂😂 Sums up everything what’s wrong with fifa 21

  92. Rohit S

    Rohit S

    Månad sedan

    Boras how did u find llorente at cb



    Månad sedan

    I use anchor on Vazquez and use him as b2b cdn

  94. Kalle Dirr

    Kalle Dirr

    Månad sedan

    Ti si pravi legend

  95. Mike Seine

    Mike Seine

    Månad sedan

    First game made me laugh my ass off

  96. mikael z

    mikael z

    Månad sedan

    Has he opened xbox rewards?

  97. Marco Parlato

    Marco Parlato

    Månad sedan

    This week the gameplay is absolutely unplayable... Even more than other weeks... I don't know what EA is doing or thinking... But game is really horrible

  98. Kabubi Raymond

    Kabubi Raymond

    Månad sedan

    I like your inspire me to play this game whenever i feel like giving up.

  99. Anil Anil

    Anil Anil

    Månad sedan

    The amount off BS in this shit game LOL

  100. G G

    G G

    Månad sedan

    I'm looking and I'm watching.what does he want me to do?