Do we finally hit the jackpot?

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  1. Abhinav De

    Abhinav De

    10 dagar sedan




    12 dagar sedan

    I really enjoy your content there are very simple and enjoyable. You are by far the best I have watch.

  3. Heinrich Stander

    Heinrich Stander

    15 dagar sedan

    Finally some better luck, well done GOAT🔥💪

  4. HaStA Ar

    HaStA Ar

    17 dagar sedan

    When I packed better in silver 1...over double the value.

  5. Dan Wilén

    Dan Wilén

    18 dagar sedan

    How is the rat king? I loved his former specialcard 😅

  6. Abdulrahman Bin Jassim

    Abdulrahman Bin Jassim

    18 dagar sedan

    I had a conflict with my friends. I came to watch this video and Boras makes my day. Keep up the good work 💙

    • BorasLegend


      17 dagar sedan

      Hope it solved!

  7. Tuhin Biswas

    Tuhin Biswas

    18 dagar sedan

    I think you deserve more good rewards man Really love watching your videos...

  8. Taufik Hidayah

    Taufik Hidayah

    18 dagar sedan

    Lucky pack mang! Wilujeng

  9. mattek 78

    mattek 78

    18 dagar sedan

    Šećer tata is back 😂

  10. Kaneki uWu

    Kaneki uWu

    18 dagar sedan

    Them red picks were the worst I've ever seen lol.. Unlucky with not getting ney/mbappe from ultimate but thankfully Ben yedder saved it a bit

  11. Virajas Deshmukh

    Virajas Deshmukh

    18 dagar sedan

    i got nani from silver1 and crespo moments from rivals

  12. Kibiiy Rehu

    Kibiiy Rehu

    18 dagar sedan

    The 1:58 vibe though 😂 had to rewatch it like 10 times.

  13. Dāvids Ērenpreiss

    Dāvids Ērenpreiss

    18 dagar sedan

    And then a gold 3 guy gets mbappe and di maria...

  14. MAT


    18 dagar sedan

    those FUT Champs were underwhelming o.O

  15. Trisha Gaming

    Trisha Gaming

    18 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the video

  16. SweRimo


    18 dagar sedan

    Nejmmååååååår 🤣

  17. Nuggy259


    18 dagar sedan

    Well done Boras for getting the rat king, that card looks great, I hope you use him 👍👏🏻

  18. Ahmed Letiif

    Ahmed Letiif

    18 dagar sedan

    Try to get Nani tots 5 🌟 5 week foot superb shooting dribbling and passing

  19. Ekrem Özafşar

    Ekrem Özafşar

    18 dagar sedan

    adamsınn abiiii

  20. nffc Henry

    nffc Henry

    18 dagar sedan

    Tots son or prime cantona?

  21. Andrew Ormandy

    Andrew Ormandy

    18 dagar sedan

    I pulled Neymar from an Elite 2 Squad Battle Mega Pack rewards having had horrendous pack luck all year. I couldn't believe it, I got screenshots in my phone as it happened. Sold for 9.2m and upgraded my team from a 600k team to a legendary team. Still in shock.

  22. Rakesh Verma

    Rakesh Verma

    18 dagar sedan

    you've become my fav fifa content creator on youtube. krasi who? lol

  23. Ciro Gomorra

    Ciro Gomorra

    18 dagar sedan

    Yo those were some of the worst red picks ive EVER seen lmao

  24. Zyron


    18 dagar sedan

    Congrats for 400k

  25. Yasser Anwar

    Yasser Anwar

    18 dagar sedan

    The best "hello" in the web :D

  26. Mr. Gamesense

    Mr. Gamesense

    18 dagar sedan

    How do you get those tradeable tots packs

  27. Dionyssus Adhie

    Dionyssus Adhie

    18 dagar sedan

    I got Depay, Di Maria, Fonte, Andre, Yilmaz 2x, Clauss 3x and Laborde 2x just from grinding the Ligue 1 Premium Upgrade packs. All these without playing WL and while still having 7.5 million in the bank. No Neymar, Mbappe and WBY but I managed to finish PIM Cantona with those fodders. I also have Aouar, Matuidi, Kimpembe, Coutinho and Tapsoba before so this raise the ultimate question with this game/mode : Why the hell should I play WL with so much sweat, lag and negativity when I could just chill with the upgrade packs while still having better rewards from upgrade packs than WL rewards ??? My point is WL rewards needs to be much better, sweating and stressing to get these as rewards are just straight up not good for anyone's mental health. Imagine a mode where mentally ill people gets more mental illness week in week out, what you'd get is a certain path to self-destruction. EA is definitely talking BS about their Quality of Life Improvement initiative. Please don't buy FIFA 22, lads...............

  28. Clarky


    18 dagar sedan

    these reds are so bad

  29. Роман Макеев

    Роман Макеев

    18 dagar sedan

    it`s time to do 30-0

  30. David Warren

    David Warren

    19 dagar sedan

    That is nonsense!!! I got better rewards from Gold 3!! We need to start a petition for EA to give Boras much better rewards in FIFA22

  31. cricketrules509


    19 dagar sedan

    Damn I got Depay and Di Maria for Gold 2. To be fair this is the first time I got good rewards but still.

  32. Not Pass

    Not Pass

    19 dagar sedan

    I left my wl in gold 3 and got Nani and Tavernier in picks this game is actually bad

  33. Matthew


    19 dagar sedan

    I'm glad you packed Yedder, time to get that 30-0 you totally deserve it man you grind so hard !

  34. Marko Vračan

    Marko Vračan

    19 dagar sedan

    If you hadn't chosen Oršić, I wouldn't have followed you anymore haha

  35. sahnz


    19 dagar sedan

    The better the placement the worse the reds

  36. Stjepan Dzojic

    Stjepan Dzojic

    19 dagar sedan

    No way, you never get awarded🥺

  37. patriqrm


    19 dagar sedan

    6:06 I LOVE YOU

  38. G G

    G G

    19 dagar sedan

    Wow 102 in the world and you those red picks. Ill stop at gold 3

  39. Amritpal Singh Bains

    Amritpal Singh Bains

    19 dagar sedan

    What’s the saxophone song playing when yedder is revealed?

  40. Christopher Ondrak

    Christopher Ondrak

    19 dagar sedan

    Jesus.. even i got depay from gold 2😂😂😂😂

  41. Connor Yancy

    Connor Yancy

    19 dagar sedan

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  42. The only Nabih

    The only Nabih

    19 dagar sedan

    The pack wasn’t so good but at least u’ve gor ben yedder and depay 😄💙

  43. ItsHockeyTime420


    19 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for packing Di Maria at silver 1. You deserve better.

  44. Cesar


    19 dagar sedan

    If you saved your ligue pack from elite and open it on ultimate tots do you get players from there ?

  45. kevin karlsson

    kevin karlsson

    19 dagar sedan

    Who’s the prick that disliked the video?

  46. Christopher McMurtry

    Christopher McMurtry

    19 dagar sedan

    Why do people not like hair on the sides of their head anymore?

    • Leigh Carolan

      Leigh Carolan

      19 dagar sedan

      Cause it's not phresh man

  47. PanekaFC


    19 dagar sedan

    The 🐀 king has returned! 😂

  48. ebuhkary


    19 dagar sedan

    I got nani and di maria from gold 3 😂😂

  49. paulos tsegaye

    paulos tsegaye

    19 dagar sedan

    Ur like the kante youtuber

  50. Healthier Than Yesterday

    Healthier Than Yesterday

    19 dagar sedan

    Bro! I skipped WL this week because f*ck it and I still got Mbappe from a Ligue 1 pack and Bamba from the guaranteed pack

    • Healthier Than Yesterday

      Healthier Than Yesterday

      16 dagar sedan

      @Graham Mannion The game is bs not my statement cuz I definitely packed Mbappe and Bamba, it rewards laziness or something, I feel like they try their best to keep people interested in the game so whenever you stop playing that much they hit you with some sick pack pulls, also, my record is 400-300 so I definitely don't deserve to be rewarded

    • Graham Mannion

      Graham Mannion

      19 dagar sedan


    • Awfulgamer99 _

      Awfulgamer99 _

      19 dagar sedan

  51. Decay Gaming

    Decay Gaming

    19 dagar sedan

    Amazing content Boras

  52. Aleem Hosein

    Aleem Hosein

    19 dagar sedan

    Feel for you boras. I got di maria from silver 1 pp. Also tots neymar from a gold upgrade pack and I was only doing gold upgrade to get rares for ligue un premium. What luck!

  53. Moh Afzal

    Moh Afzal

    19 dagar sedan

    It’s ligue ooon, not ligue ahn

  54. Jose


    19 dagar sedan

    Neymar tots incoming... that means....30-0👀👀👀👀

  55. Lol Nikhil

    Lol Nikhil

    19 dagar sedan

    The Rat king 😂😂😭

  56. Andreas Werle

    Andreas Werle

    19 dagar sedan

    I got bamba and di maria red Picks today, first time i get something good and then this. Im happy

  57. Julio Cesar

    Julio Cesar

    19 dagar sedan

    i've got bamba tradeable on the megapack gold 3(didnt has time to play more then 20), all times i've got gold 3 it was absurd... when i get gold 1 and gold 2 everytime all packs sucks. atleast now i finnaly have 1mi for buy cantona and atal

  58. RS


    19 dagar sedan

    bro that rat noise scared the hell out of me lmao

    • BorasLegend


      17 dagar sedan


  59. Greysen Bueno

    Greysen Bueno

    19 dagar sedan

    So does that mean we aren’t getting any more Ligue 1 tots?

  60. Saad Patal

    Saad Patal

    19 dagar sedan

    i got mbappe and depay from g3 🤥

  61. K


    19 dagar sedan

    I've been waiting for this all day! Excited for the vid boras

  62. Adrian Gonzalez

    Adrian Gonzalez

    19 dagar sedan

    the noise when u get yedder lmfaooooo

  63. N.S


    19 dagar sedan

    6:05 wth🤣🤣🤣🤣we need a boras clips page

  64. Shane Hypno

    Shane Hypno

    19 dagar sedan

    i got red pick neymar and di Maria, still in shock. Nothing all year and then this. Neymar is sooooooo good

  65. Sam Corfield

    Sam Corfield

    19 dagar sedan

    Those picks were a joke for T200. I got Gold 2 and got Di Maria and Bamba...

  66. lano degreat

    lano degreat

    19 dagar sedan

    U guys don't deserve no good packs your teams are already amazing many player so u guys need ??

  67. Senny Lava

    Senny Lava

    19 dagar sedan

    Rat King 😂

  68. Aigars Hauberts

    Aigars Hauberts

    19 dagar sedan

    i had Nani di maria and paqueta from silver 1 pick of course i took Nani

  69. bizkid7


    19 dagar sedan

    Been waiting for this all day man!! Red picks for me were Marquinhos & Di Maria... I did Aouar SBC and Packed 94 Yashin (Tradable) omg First Icon packed this Fifa 21!

  70. ranking berry

    ranking berry

    19 dagar sedan

    I packed Bamba from my gold 3 packed



    19 dagar sedan

    Keep it up Boras❤️

  72. jrffx


    19 dagar sedan

    man that haircut do be looking kinda saucy tho

  73. Gamer 0180

    Gamer 0180

    19 dagar sedan

    The best SE-oner right now for me.. Love you bro ❤️❤️

  74. Thamer


    19 dagar sedan

    The rat king saves the day

  75. josh sed

    josh sed

    19 dagar sedan

    The legend deserved a 30-0 at least TOP 100 this week end .

  76. Peter Liuwandy

    Peter Liuwandy

    19 dagar sedan

    you’re too good Botas so that EA has to nerf your rewards

  77. Joshua Sookram

    Joshua Sookram

    19 dagar sedan

    If that's what you get from the player pick EA is really fucking with you bro I can't believe this. Bro you should stop play for top 200 it don't make sense bro cause ppl gon get 17 -14 wins and get neymar in player pick 😞😞😞

  78. Ryan Michael

    Ryan Michael

    19 dagar sedan

    Depay is a beast

  79. aidan n

    aidan n

    19 dagar sedan

    honestly, gold 3 rewards r better than top 200

    • aidan n

      aidan n

      18 dagar sedan

      @Yessir i meant red picks bro, ofc a guaranteed tots pack would be worth more

    • Yessir


      18 dagar sedan

      Didnt you see how much he got from tots pack? How can you say g3 is better...

    • Chief Obvious

      Chief Obvious

      18 dagar sedan

      Only red picks, but you get the tradeable Ligue Un TOTS pack.

    • TheHalo14aus


      19 dagar sedan

      True, I got Gold 3 and Depay was one of my picks. He's a beast.

  80. X10 PUBG

    X10 PUBG

    19 dagar sedan

    Any PUBG PLAYERS here ♥️👋

  81. bil Srky

    bil Srky

    19 dagar sedan

    Is it good idea to play weekend league on Friday?

    • N.S


      19 dagar sedan


  82. Lars _X

    Lars _X

    19 dagar sedan

    ahahah that jose fonte part

  83. EL_D _

    EL_D _

    19 dagar sedan

    its a W from the last pack man! Memphis is double di maria’s price and yedder instead of bamba is great as well

  84. Wrriorz_TV


    19 dagar sedan

    i dont know how you do it but i cant stop watching you even tho i havent played fifa in almost a month

  85. Steffensツ


    19 dagar sedan

    Can you start posting your wid at 23:00 plz

  86. Julius Claassen

    Julius Claassen

    19 dagar sedan

    lemme gues, the big signing is tots cristiano

    • Edward Cheung

      Edward Cheung

      18 dagar sedan

      close, toty

  87. Nevendra Eravanan

    Nevendra Eravanan

    19 dagar sedan

    i wait everyday to watch ur vids man❤️

  88. FotisGRC


    19 dagar sedan

    These rewards are a joke. Top 200 for these picks is just terrible

    • Jonathan Fagan

      Jonathan Fagan

      17 dagar sedan

      He got 3 million coins what fucking more do you expect him to get.

    • Mads Færgeman

      Mads Færgeman

      18 dagar sedan

      @Daniil yh Ok true

    • Daniil


      18 dagar sedan

      @Mads Færgeman it is 2 picks. I cannot say it is extremely good, but for sure decent. not complaining.

    • fdrghtrevor mirko

      fdrghtrevor mirko

      18 dagar sedan

      @Daniil bro if u got 2 marquinhos that’s already really good for gold 2. I was only talking about the 11 tots pack, not all the others, and even tho 3 milion coins are a lot you have to think that he literally is in the top 200 on milions of players, he could’ve got double the coins with just one player so 3 milion can’t be good, it surely is not bad, but if that’s good even getting only neymar and no other player would be godlike

    • Omai Gudnes

      Omai Gudnes

      18 dagar sedan

      @fdrghtrevor mirko bro its just 3 million for only 1 weekend league, thats a lot of coins, off course he could´ve got even more lucky but 3m its not too bad either

  89. Serigne Saliou Ndiaye

    Serigne Saliou Ndiaye

    19 dagar sedan

    Imagine I opened 11 rare mega pack with 2 ultimate pack and I didn’t get a walk out 😖

    • Bitotyme


      19 dagar sedan

      Same bro like ea come on

  90. Taha Benzina

    Taha Benzina

    19 dagar sedan

    It's time to get the 30-0 this week..We believe in you

  91. Joey zaoui

    Joey zaoui

    19 dagar sedan

    Gg bro🥰

  92. Shahril Hafizie

    Shahril Hafizie

    19 dagar sedan

    Hi mr boras. Greeting from Malaysia 🇲🇾

  93. kyro gyro

    kyro gyro

    19 dagar sedan

    U deserve mbappe and neymarrrrrrr but this is fifa but keep it up love ur vids

  94. Yvng Yuri

    Yvng Yuri

    19 dagar sedan

    The Legend Boras back at it again🔥

  95. Ognjen Svircev

    Ognjen Svircev

    19 dagar sedan

    Šećer tata🤣

  96. Its Pakistanilad

    Its Pakistanilad

    19 dagar sedan

    I feel so bad for u I got g2 and got claus and di maria

  97. Hubert Eriksson

    Hubert Eriksson

    19 dagar sedan

    Mellan 23:00-00:00 är bästa tiden på dygnet för då släpper Ivan sin dagliga video:)

  98. Gabriel


    19 dagar sedan

    Boras i got NEYMAR in my reds i swear to god ( GOLD 3 😂😂 )

  99. hadii jagirdar

    hadii jagirdar

    19 dagar sedan

    boras you are by far the most enjoyable fifa youtuber🖤keep up the good work man i love you:)

    • BorasLegend


      17 dagar sedan

      Thanks my man! 🙏

    • saeeddeanable


      18 dagar sedan

      @CFX WiXi castro is awful and not funny at all.

    • CFX WiXi

      CFX WiXi

      18 dagar sedan

      Alright 😳

    • Joppe Evert Jan Van Den Berg

      Joppe Evert Jan Van Den Berg

      18 dagar sedan

      @CFX WiXi man said Castro 🤣🤣 let’s not take the piss here

    • CFX WiXi

      CFX WiXi

      18 dagar sedan

      Castro1021 or skillzzz

  100. Corey L33

    Corey L33

    19 dagar sedan

    I was in div 3 went on a loosing streak and now I’m div 5 🥲😭😤