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  1. Rayan X

    Rayan X

    7 dagar sedan

    5:34 😂

  2. MM02


    8 dagar sedan

    Is Dembele a bit of a fraud for anyone else?

  3. Melow Mike

    Melow Mike

    9 dagar sedan

    Love the Toty Kante

  4. Liam Graft

    Liam Graft

    9 dagar sedan

    Looks stoned

  5. HHHallon


    9 dagar sedan

    did you really call someone toxic because they watched a celebration thats the most ratty thing i've seen what is the fifa community coming to gone are the days of respect now its just a shit show of freaks all mad at each other for no apparent reason

  6. CFX WiXi

    CFX WiXi

    10 dagar sedan

    That thumbnail explains that boras hate rates 😂😂👍🏻

  7. Klim Fox

    Klim Fox

    10 dagar sedan


  8. Lukis1011


    11 dagar sedan

    Boras i love your vids you called my cousin a pro!

  9. Carlos Godoy

    Carlos Godoy

    12 dagar sedan

    Hey Bro based on your experience what you think about Ben Rat? Lmao I wanna change him for Lewy Tots you think is a good idea?

  10. ali-ilyxs


    12 dagar sedan

    I realised that you had an anchor on Theo but he has 99 pace, I guess now he has 104 pace 😂😂. Well played ivan

  11. Gareth Gillatt

    Gareth Gillatt

    12 dagar sedan

    How is Mid Vieira better than 91 ?

  12. José Pires

    José Pires

    12 dagar sedan

    That messi today was pure class😂 Keep it up my friend💪🏻

  13. Hyok Lee

    Hyok Lee

    12 dagar sedan

    LOL. Pyongyang=North Korean capital. Pyongchang=South Korean Winter Olympics site.

  14. dlawar12


    12 dagar sedan

    bro can you tell me when you stop player without fakeshot i need that i have been trying so muck and i cant do

  15. Nasreen Parak

    Nasreen Parak

    12 dagar sedan

    Should I do ousmane

  16. Drew Castle

    Drew Castle

    12 dagar sedan

    “Hey bro, remember, as soon as anyone looks like they’re going to score, you pull that cable as quick as possible okay?” - my god, what has fifa come to? Sorry about the DC too, people resorted to hacking and disconnecting on purpose, so embarrassing

  17. Pfsim Fn

    Pfsim Fn

    12 dagar sedan

    Yo I’m Iil simo bro I’m sorry I disconnected

  18. lukasz jrczak

    lukasz jrczak

    12 dagar sedan

    Who is better cr7 95/toty or Mbappe tots/toty ?

  19. sathyaraj P.N

    sathyaraj P.N

    12 dagar sedan

    I started to play Ultimate team for a month or so , can I know how long will it take to collect a million fifa coins and ways to get it more



    12 dagar sedan

    why does Boras use Christmas music

  21. Cyberaser


    12 dagar sedan

    What is that boost at 16:47 (right before Bamba's goal) ?

    • Adan Omar

      Adan Omar

      12 dagar sedan

      Reverse elastico

  22. Milos Mladjen

    Milos Mladjen

    12 dagar sedan

    Where is sexy Giroud ?😂😂

  23. Fifa King

    Fifa King

    12 dagar sedan

    Boras I have tots messi tots Neymar flash back philly and 95 Ron do you think I should add dembele as well ? Or drop 95 Ron for him ?

  24. Ankush Kar

    Ankush Kar

    12 dagar sedan

    Omfg it was so hilarious. That rat thing which you did everytime ben yedder scored. You are actually a legend 😂❤️

  25. Mark Daniels

    Mark Daniels

    12 dagar sedan

    Hi Boras! Just wondering what you think the differences are playing on Xbox or PlayStation? And which do you prefer?

  26. Alexandru Nechifor

    Alexandru Nechifor

    12 dagar sedan

    French music that s lovely.

  27. Sanket Shambharkar

    Sanket Shambharkar

    12 dagar sedan

    Your videos have become really entertaining brother. Keep it up bro 😀😀👍👍

  28. Ali10min


    12 dagar sedan

    Between atal and dembele wich one? I wan gonna play both but got bamba in reds??

  29. Jorge Gramaglia

    Jorge Gramaglia

    12 dagar sedan

    ben yedder too strong

  30. Did Jesus have a cat?

    Did Jesus have a cat?

    12 dagar sedan

    What’s this thing with fifa you tubers where if an opponent watches the celebration it’s “toxic”...?

  31. Felix Borgsten

    Felix Borgsten

    12 dagar sedan

    I dont understand why you play anchor on hernandez

  32. Adfer r

    Adfer r

    12 dagar sedan


  33. Trisha Gaming

    Trisha Gaming

    12 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the video

  34. Alpha Kurd

    Alpha Kurd

    12 dagar sedan

    I always enjoy watching your games even when you lose 💛

  35. MR.BS2


    12 dagar sedan


  36. M Grand

    M Grand

    12 dagar sedan

    crazy you subbed off ben yedder many games and he still had the same goal contribution as mbappe... rat king is too good!

    • Cyberaser


      12 dagar sedan

      or mbappe not good ;)

  37. Amit Mazumder

    Amit Mazumder

    12 dagar sedan

    In defence, Gold Varane is ultimate rat 🐀

  38. Harsh Bhatt

    Harsh Bhatt

    12 dagar sedan

    everytime you said RAT King (IDK Why you said RAT KING😂) with that sound effect and your expresssion I laughed 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  39. King Hayford

    King Hayford

    12 dagar sedan

    If only you had kimpembe😪

  40. Lyrz


    12 dagar sedan

    10:52 osh owa heeeeeeeee

  41. dot.initial


    12 dagar sedan

    its unbelievable so many good players in french team peeeew

  42. Tendani Rasivhetshele

    Tendani Rasivhetshele

    12 dagar sedan

    Let's be honest, there wasn't a challenge here.. It's like "let me challenge myself by using the most meta attackers in the game".

  43. Jan Olgun

    Jan Olgun

    12 dagar sedan

    Playin on xbox also but borass opponents are so afraid of him the quit even in 1-0. There is games im winning 5-0 in the first half but they never rage.! Strange

  44. Totte HD

    Totte HD

    12 dagar sedan

    The video with Mike LaBelle was really good.

  45. Santiago Moya Avila

    Santiago Moya Avila

    12 dagar sedan

    I am from Colombia, but i laught a lot when he did like a rat jajajaja

  46. Salman Jawed

    Salman Jawed

    12 dagar sedan

    Goat boras. What a performance bro. Specially after RTG. Insane

  47. Deep Mozumdar

    Deep Mozumdar

    13 dagar sedan

    Love your content.. Sacre blue team played pretty smooth, do you think it was due to higher chemistry?

  48. Luqman Hakim

    Luqman Hakim

    13 dagar sedan

    Why mid icon vieira better?

  49. lano degreat

    lano degreat

    13 dagar sedan

    This guys boras is so much garbage always putting LB and RB at CB.. guess u never watch real football !!

  50. Jim


    13 dagar sedan

    Boras you should go on auditions for Mickey Mouse performances . Your rat acting was amazing! 😂

  51. roysooners


    13 dagar sedan

    Had guys instant leaving games during freaking friendlies for Kimpebe last week. Every time i was about to score (like ball in mid air from a shoot) they would instant leave the game. Had this FIVE Times in about two hours. EA Please ban those guys.

  52. Wilman Flores

    Wilman Flores

    13 dagar sedan

    5:35 😂😂😂

  53. vardhman shah

    vardhman shah

    13 dagar sedan

    The best parts of the video were the imitation of “rat king” 😂😂😂 Great vid btw

  54. James Kamau

    James Kamau

    13 dagar sedan

    Without playing fancy you are more deadly man. Ggz

  55. Ulrich


    13 dagar sedan

    raaaaaatt is baaaaack 🦝🦝🦝

  56. Matthew


    13 dagar sedan

    Damn no Giroud or Griezmann I felt personally attacked lol thanks for the video though man!

    • Marcin Rosiak

      Marcin Rosiak

      12 dagar sedan

      Not meta enough for him. Wouldn't have the same result using Giroux

  57. MrThiccNik YT

    MrThiccNik YT

    13 dagar sedan

    omg this guy has just made my day! I literally wait for him to release a video and then only can i sleep in peace!! if boras had fifa21 5 side team it would consist of NEYMURRRRR, CAPTAIN ARTURITO, RATTY YEDDER (built-in sound effects), VICE CAPTAIN ACUNA, ALGERIAN PRINCE/CRYUFF ATAL! GN Boras! - MrThiccNik

  58. Lesha SpiN

    Lesha SpiN

    13 dagar sedan

    no Henry, no party :(

  59. golden avenger

    golden avenger

    13 dagar sedan

    It's creepy to see 🐁 In your squud 🤮

  60. saeeddeanable


    13 dagar sedan

    Kante over kamavinga brother. Wyd?

  61. -M1LaN -

    -M1LaN -

    13 dagar sedan

    #BORASLEGEND Game 21 FLUFFR was the last opponent from #HASHTAGTOM

  62. Andreas Ebert

    Andreas Ebert

    13 dagar sedan

    very good and funny video. Boras, our little rat, jeje well done. I loughed tears. And by the way : the video cutting AND background-music were awesome!

  63. Mark Tracey

    Mark Tracey

    13 dagar sedan

    Has anyone got flashback dembele? Any good? Thinking of doing him. Should i sell tots bamba and do it? Bamba is good but his weak foot lets him down a lot

    • Mark Tracey

      Mark Tracey

      12 dagar sedan

      @Mithun Shan change of plan. I packed cr7 tots 🤣🤣 but thanks bro 🤜

    • Mithun Shan

      Mithun Shan

      12 dagar sedan

      Go for Dembele if possible. The guy is a different breed in game. The agility and 5 star weak foot is so so good!

    • Mark Tracey

      Mark Tracey

      12 dagar sedan

      @Praneet Roy Chowdhury cheers dude that defo helps. You confirmed what i suspected. Bamba isn't what i thought he would be especially as everyone has a defence now with full pace I don't have much fodder as I've just done the moments essien sbc :) but selling bamba I'll have enough 👍

    • Praneet Roy Chowdhury

      Praneet Roy Chowdhury

      13 dagar sedan

      If you can get him by using your fodder then 100% get Dembele...he is a meta player with insane ingame performance...Bamba beacuse of avg body type feels a bit slow at times but not Dembele...Hope this helps

  64. Dota Account

    Dota Account

    13 dagar sedan

    Is Theo Hernandez performing good as lb ? I m thinking on buying him to link him with Kessie , what u guys think ?

  65. Francisco Huato

    Francisco Huato

    13 dagar sedan

    Disagree with you on Vieira

  66. JamieCalrissian


    13 dagar sedan

    13:30 he hasn’t done anything, it’s just a glitch that happens sometimes. I’ve had it twice in rivals and once in draft, it happens for both players and both players have to restart the game and get a loss

    • JamieCalrissian


      12 dagar sedan

      @Jair zavala Lemus not when you get this particular glitch, the first time it happened to me I waited over 15 minutes and even when my opponent quit first I still had to quit myself

    • Jair zavala Lemus

      Jair zavala Lemus

      12 dagar sedan

      That not true tho you all just have not patience this happens to me a lot of times and I just wait till it says the other player dc it takes some time but it usually works

    • Sabir Mohamed

      Sabir Mohamed

      13 dagar sedan

      Bro that shit happens to me almost every time

  67. Matin Haji

    Matin Haji

    13 dagar sedan

    Boras is your tourny with iranian player is lan or online?

  68. bagus adiy

    bagus adiy

    13 dagar sedan

    i would love to see you get loss man hahaha peace...

  69. Sushi Ios

    Sushi Ios

    13 dagar sedan

    Boras is the king of thumbnails 🐀 🐐

  70. The only Nabih

    The only Nabih

    13 dagar sedan


  71. Goran


    13 dagar sedan

    That rat impression had me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Liam Chapman

    Liam Chapman

    13 dagar sedan

    Whose here praying that Kante gets the justice he deserves, and gets like a 95 festival of FUT card. EA shafted him. They gave thiago a 96 ucl man of the math final card last fifa, but barely boosted kante this year for his motm performance

  73. ddt


    13 dagar sedan

    you beating pros on xbox proves why you yourself are a pro GGGGGg

  74. Mahdy Khayyamian

    Mahdy Khayyamian

    13 dagar sedan

    damn what a rat impersonation! totally unexpected lol

  75. MegaSergio07


    13 dagar sedan

    It’s literally impossible to lose with a team like that,. What’s the point

    • Mr X

      Mr X

      13 dagar sedan

      What are you talking about? Teams are necessary but a good Team cant guarantee you a win against a Team which is much less worth. In the most cases the better Player does win..

    • Christopher McMurtry

      Christopher McMurtry

      13 dagar sedan

      Not literally

  76. The CLAD

    The CLAD

    13 dagar sedan

    Well done for remaining unbeaten

  77. Rookie


    13 dagar sedan

    11:34 bro that luck ….

  78. Erifofski


    13 dagar sedan

    See u soon😈🇮🇷

  79. M S

    M S

    13 dagar sedan

    did this mf do a nazi salute at the end?? wtff lmaooo

  80. Reload TV

    Reload TV

    13 dagar sedan

    Thumbnail of the year 🔥

  81. Tage Sango

    Tage Sango

    13 dagar sedan

    Hi legend❤️

  82. Anonymous Icarus

    Anonymous Icarus

    13 dagar sedan

    9:26 This man must do the rat impression for a second even on a hurry situation. Love it 🤣🤣

  83. Tim D

    Tim D

    13 dagar sedan

    Boras i spit out my coffee when you said "the guy is waiting there with his cable ready to be pulled out" omg dude the funniest I've heard all year from you.

    • Pfsim Fn

      Pfsim Fn

      11 dagar sedan

      It was me 😂😂 I didn’t mean to I dc

    • bagus adiy

      bagus adiy

      13 dagar sedan

      sitting with his hand on that cable plug it out

  84. Azarich Sharipov

    Azarich Sharipov

    13 dagar sedan

    Bhaha hysterical commentary! Great vid.

  85. PesuKoneAsentaja22


    13 dagar sedan

    The rat noice is just so hilarios

  86. Oscar Diaz

    Oscar Diaz

    13 dagar sedan

    Boras had a chance to say "The Rat King loves his cheesy goals" 😂😂😂

  87. Karim Abd El Naser

    Karim Abd El Naser

    13 dagar sedan

    It was offside actually 😂 Best player in fifa ♥️,and the only person that laugh and love to watch

  88. Muzaffer Yıldırım

    Muzaffer Yıldırım

    13 dagar sedan

    Hi boras great vid! Do u think yedder is top class ST?

  89. Waheed Khan

    Waheed Khan

    13 dagar sedan

    Well done boras

  90. Alex jan

    Alex jan

    13 dagar sedan

    Lloris gold is way better than Areola. Try him

  91. mutaito07


    13 dagar sedan

    The sound directing in your videos are astonishing!

  92. Cyberaser


    13 dagar sedan

    Nooooooooooooooooooo I wanted to get Vieira Prime from Swaps :(

  93. Rich hook

    Rich hook

    13 dagar sedan

    The rat king deserves his cheese after that! sublime stuff mate you played some cracking stuff there. Cant wait for rewards stream tomorrow 💪🏻

  94. Jay jay

    Jay jay

    13 dagar sedan

    4:22 People are so pathetic man ahh that's disgusting . like how sad can u be

  95. Samuel Porto

    Samuel Porto

    13 dagar sedan

    the best thumb doesnt exist... boras: hold my beer

  96. Kurdish ABD

    Kurdish ABD

    13 dagar sedan

    After kurt everyone use rat word

  97. Anton Henrysson

    Anton Henrysson

    13 dagar sedan

    Ngoloooo 💙💙

  98. BPR Yef

    BPR Yef

    13 dagar sedan

    4:26 EA please ban this kind of toxic player, Boras deserve win

    • practiceyourart


      11 dagar sedan

      @Pfsim Fn damn that's unfortunate.

    • Pfsim Fn

      Pfsim Fn

      11 dagar sedan

      @practiceyourart it was me I dc not my fault

    • BPR Yef

      BPR Yef

      12 dagar sedan

      @haseeb dawood oh I didn’t see that but u know bro after all EA is still shit

    • practiceyourart


      13 dagar sedan

      @Jim makes sense if someone accidentally starts a game and the lag is garbage though. The issue is these clowns that Boras had to go against should be banned from their account for a full year

    • Kwaku Annor

      Kwaku Annor

      13 dagar sedan

      @Ethan Jaworski how many times have you faced your friends in WL?

  99. Lightion


    13 dagar sedan

    Congrats legend for the play offs

  100. mittens the house cat

    mittens the house cat

    13 dagar sedan

    Has boras gotten 30-0 yet?