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  1. Gavin Savett

    Gavin Savett

    2 dagar sedan

    Do this again with iniesta instead of Thiago 😁😁😁

  2. vano Maas

    vano Maas

    8 dagar sedan

    WHERE IS MSN????

  3. Rens jacobs

    Rens jacobs

    21 dag sedan

    Were is koeman

  4. Rayan X

    Rayan X

    24 dagar sedan

    Next Ac millan? 🔥

  5. Rayan X

    Rayan X

    24 dagar sedan

    Visca barcelona 💙❤️ Barcelona 2009 was prime for me

  6. Mounir Elourabi

    Mounir Elourabi

    Månad sedan

    Wonderful (barca fan)

  7. Jonathan


    Månad sedan

    If Boris says Messi is the best then Messi is the best

  8. Suhaib Imtiyaz

    Suhaib Imtiyaz

    Månad sedan

    Limited budget : 10 mil :(

  9. Danendra Rifqi

    Danendra Rifqi

    Månad sedan

    Copied Harry hesketh

  10. Vlad Ten

    Vlad Ten

    Månad sedan

    Need player moments Busquets😀

  11. West Ham Fan #1

    West Ham Fan #1

    Månad sedan


  12. Saman


    Månad sedan

    U dont know how to play with messi😐

  13. Rasheed Reggie

    Rasheed Reggie

    Månad sedan

    ARTISTIC beutifull football at its finest... whats the tactics and instructions for the 4321 formation @boras

  14. Anime Fan

    Anime Fan

    Månad sedan


  15. Pablo Hoyos Gaviria

    Pablo Hoyos Gaviria

    Månad sedan


  16. E. maleki

    E. maleki

    Månad sedan

    The quality of your content just goes up every video! Great job man :)

  17. GeorgeTheCat


    Månad sedan

    You shouldve buy Stoichkov

  18. Jason Oppong

    Jason Oppong

    Månad sedan

    @9:40 Boras was that a double x pass or double triangle

  19. CPBrennan


    Månad sedan

    No Stoichkov???

  20. Naruto Bleach

    Naruto Bleach

    Månad sedan

    hi which ps4 controller you using

  21. Tom Owiti

    Tom Owiti

    Månad sedan

    Tiki Taka😍

  22. Herxty


    Månad sedan

    Mötte dig, det blev 4-1 du gjorde första målet på straff.

  23. kotsos amana

    kotsos amana

    Månad sedan

    i want that xavi card so much

  24. ballabencem


    Månad sedan

    That eto is better than flashback atal as a striker?

  25. Jibril Khan

    Jibril Khan

    Månad sedan

    GOATed team, no snake Neymar and amazing gameplay :) Maybe Zambrotta is needed for those higher ranks instead of Puyol though.

  26. Casian Pop

    Casian Pop

    Månad sedan

    Instructions for players in 4321?

  27. deaztec


    Månad sedan

    what's wrong with your voice, weird champion

  28. Jasmin Bin Semahli

    Jasmin Bin Semahli

    Månad sedan

    "Leo, Leo, Leo..." is the new "Ney-more, Ney-more..."

  29. Роман Макеев

    Роман Макеев

    Månad sedan

    400 000

  30. 5133- ROHITH

    5133- ROHITH

    Månad sedan

    Where is dinho?

  31. almatry. m

    almatry. m

    Månad sedan

    finly someone did it 🤍😍

  32. Eirik Myrene Breivik

    Eirik Myrene Breivik

    Månad sedan

    6:15 MSN?

  33. Rummenigge Bayern Legend

    Rummenigge Bayern Legend

    Månad sedan

    EgAy sports fifa is the disgrace of gaming world because it lies steal and manipulate kids and idiots... EgAy sports fifa FEARS about new PES 22 Unreal engine 5 because it will pay more money to block more licenses for Konami ... Shame on you, garbage company and the arcade players wich support this misery buying this game

  34. mvcorse1


    Månad sedan


  35. PanekaFC


    Månad sedan

    Wonderful video! 🔵🔴

  36. Shane Hypno

    Shane Hypno

    Månad sedan

    Got to admire Boras for replicating Barcelona at their best.

  37. Ibrahim Cetin

    Ibrahim Cetin

    Månad sedan

    Pls do Real Madrid next time!!

  38. felix oogway

    felix oogway

    Månad sedan

    Where is Zlatan? great video i enjoyedt it so much

  39. דור כהן

    דור כהן

    Månad sedan

    R9 Ronaldiniho and zambrotta played for Barca as well

  40. Joe Sifa

    Joe Sifa

    Månad sedan

    13:23 "Leo" means Today in Swahili 🇰🇪

    • Lee Mugo

      Lee Mugo

      Månad sedan

      yap leo ni Sunday

  41. Decay Gaming

    Decay Gaming

    Månad sedan

    How is Xavi boras?

  42. Mo Ali

    Mo Ali

    Månad sedan

    Not having Dinho but Thiago instead is a crime.

  43. Mustapha Mond

    Mustapha Mond

    Månad sedan

    Im missimg ronaldinho 😘

  44. Kiyo Zeal

    Kiyo Zeal

    Månad sedan

    What are the 4321 player instructions

  45. Alex COYG

    Alex COYG

    Månad sedan

    Past and present Arsenal? 🔴🙏 Could make a good squad

  46. Callum Pyrah

    Callum Pyrah

    Månad sedan

    No Cruyff :(

  47. gianni piunno

    gianni piunno

    Månad sedan

    bro do an italy team next

  48. Billy Black

    Billy Black

    Månad sedan

    Get moments stoichkov

  49. Hype Gfx

    Hype Gfx

    Månad sedan

    Is catalyst really the best chem? Why not engine

  50. Adrian Abdal

    Adrian Abdal

    Månad sedan

    When he says messi is the goat😳

  51. Mihailo


    Månad sedan

    No stoichkov?🤔

  52. Donát


    Månad sedan

    Can you show us the 4321 instructions as well?

  53. Manish Singh

    Manish Singh

    Månad sedan

    Legend says Boras is still adding the pace of Pique and Puyol.



    Månad sedan

    You know I’m expecting a lazio past and present anytime this year, right?;)

  55. Nolack D4

    Nolack D4

    Månad sedan

    For defence

  56. Nolack D4

    Nolack D4

    Månad sedan

    What’s the instructions

  57. Sixten Fridman Parkskolan 5B

    Sixten Fridman Parkskolan 5B

    Månad sedan

    Barca home kit

  58. Ucheval Nagesar

    Ucheval Nagesar

    Månad sedan

    If I'm the first comment from South Africa 🇿🇦 you see please like it Boras!

  59. Aditya Jadhav

    Aditya Jadhav

    Månad sedan

    appreciate the grind brother 🙌

  60. 634raul


    Månad sedan

    u can use zambrotta instead of puyol

  61. Nicholas Cheng

    Nicholas Cheng

    Månad sedan

    Neymar should be included to form MSN

  62. patriqrm


    Månad sedan

    please noooo

  63. Gordon Byron

    Gordon Byron

    Månad sedan

    Hey Boras, why don't u replace Pique with Zambrotta . Then replace Rivaldo with Moments Thierry Henry

  64. stereoshoebox


    Månad sedan

    can you please do Man Utd ^^

  65. Pappi


    Månad sedan

    Whats wrong wit ur Messi man?



    Månad sedan

    That defense was in shambles.. just like how they are in real life.. and yes I'm a Barca fan.. 🙃

  67. gabriel Villegas

    gabriel Villegas

    Månad sedan

    No man. I don’t know what u were think but Barcelona main game core is passing for creation. This game’s main problem is passsing, tackling, connection, matchmaking, we play in mud or on ice 🧊, the magic ball, the servers hahaha I can’t stop!!! Hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 DDA...AI hahahaha😂😂😂 F****k u EA!!!!! All this happen when u r far from the servers, that’s why EA doesn’t want to add servers. Specially in places where people buy a lot of FIFA points like in NY and California. If u r are in this places don’t buy this game BC there’re no servers. Only those that are closer to Reno or Mexico can play

  68. ICEBLCAK Tea


    Månad sedan

    where are Cruyff and R10.

  69. Zeyad Ahmed

    Zeyad Ahmed

    Månad sedan

    Plz next realmadrid team

  70. Arpan Bindra

    Arpan Bindra

    Månad sedan

    What about flashback madrid next?

  71. talib rather

    talib rather

    Månad sedan

    Visca el barca

  72. Sudays Abdullah

    Sudays Abdullah

    Månad sedan

    Replace iniesta by de jong

  73. Cristian Constantin

    Cristian Constantin

    Månad sedan

    Where is Ronaldinho? Puyol and pique meta? Cmon dude those are trash cb.

  74. Anonymous Icarus

    Anonymous Icarus

    Månad sedan

    I completed Pique SBC as soon as it came out, to pair him with Puyol for the sake of nostalgia. Pique turned out to be a wall for me. Tackling with him and blocking the shots are really fun. Plus goals from corner in almost every other matches. No regret at all. 😅



    Månad sedan

    6:16 thats MSN , u sub suarez off 😂😢

  76. Neil Luhar

    Neil Luhar

    Månad sedan

    Should’ve got moments Henry

  77. Anti Svampista

    Anti Svampista

    Månad sedan

    Gotta Go for Lazio P&P next time. For the legends enjoyment!❤️

  78. Trisha Gaming

    Trisha Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for the video

  79. Massi Delawari

    Massi Delawari

    Månad sedan

    I died at 7:05 hahahahaha the handball and the sound

  80. Chris Ha

    Chris Ha

    Månad sedan

    One more suggestion for 433 - one of the winger stay forward, another one come back on defence, will make it defends like 442 in game. Personally I like 433 (4) with CAM as free roam to offer great support for tikitaka play . Anyway, 100% respect to you as a barca fan! :)

  81. Hans Wurst

    Hans Wurst

    Månad sedan

    Thiago is a beast!

  82. François Laroche

    François Laroche

    Månad sedan

    Man that backline though 🐌🐌...

  83. Chris Ha

    Chris Ha

    Månad sedan

    3 suggestions to legend: (1) Zambrotta replace Puyol / Pique for speed in defense line; (2) Adama FUT birthday replace Eto'o for 5 stars skills in attack (he was from La Masia); (3) Captain Vidal 7 chem instead of Thiago as box to box offer you better strength (he played barca in 2018-2020)

  84. NR 100

    NR 100

    Månad sedan

    Loved it

  85. ExiooHD


    Månad sedan

    I love your videos and idea behind this vid, but how can you make barca team without Ronaldinho. Im Real fan but ronaldinho made me love love football.

  86. Luiz Aguiar

    Luiz Aguiar

    Månad sedan

    Where is R9 and R10?

  87. Antonio Culjak

    Antonio Culjak

    Månad sedan

    0:55 my respect for boras 📈📈📈📈📈

  88. Wilman Flores

    Wilman Flores

    Månad sedan

    You forgot thiery henry

  89. Sushi Ios

    Sushi Ios

    Månad sedan

    No ronaldinho? Interesting

  90. Muhammad Aldosary

    Muhammad Aldosary

    Månad sedan

    Bring zamprotta and play him as CB

  91. Andro Rukavina

    Andro Rukavina

    Månad sedan

    I missed yo saying Neymarrrrr

  92. Jan Olgun

    Jan Olgun

    Månad sedan

    How u can make barca past present without dinhooooo.!

  93. Ferb


    Månad sedan


  94. Ziad_ 169

    Ziad_ 169

    Månad sedan

    How is thiago

  95. Shawn T

    Shawn T

    Månad sedan

    Man I’ve heared nothing but unpleasant things about Eto’o this year.

  96. Pittsburgh Gooner

    Pittsburgh Gooner

    Månad sedan

    I desperately hope iniesta gets some sort of juiced card

  97. Akın Bebek

    Akın Bebek

    Månad sedan

    Plz someone can tell me his camera settings??

  98. T2_Arsenal


    Månad sedan

    Boras beautiful team but where is dinho😭😭

  99. Armando


    Månad sedan

    Even as a Barca fan, I would still recommend zambrotta instead of puyol just so that u won’t be at a disadvantage and still have fun with the team. Also you’ll probably feel more comfortable using 91 Ronaldinho instead of eto. Much love from the U.S🤙🏼

  100. Mack Whiterod

    Mack Whiterod

    Månad sedan

    Lol I saw this comment on one of your last videos about you only using meta and that you got free wins... now you just proved him wrong and still won these games with Tiki-taka😂😂