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  1. João Quaresma

    João Quaresma

    29 dagar sedan

    I feel for you mate... script level 100

  2. Dennis Düzeltici

    Dennis Düzeltici

    29 dagar sedan

    4 3 3 and all are on full chem

  3. Peter Car

    Peter Car

    29 dagar sedan

    bruh i feel him so bad man

  4. Ali


    29 dagar sedan

    yooo try ball rolling the keeper it works 90% of the time guarenteed goal, fuck chipping

  5. Edgehead Hamhands

    Edgehead Hamhands

    29 dagar sedan

    People said keepers were do-nothing, all the same. They put in TOTS Oblak, Ederson and Courtois, they save EVERYTHING.

  6. Van der Glenn Phedthai

    Van der Glenn Phedthai

    Månad sedan

    Den här helgen har Delay varit kaaaaatastroff

  7. Ryder


    Månad sedan

    I love how you can still do quality Content even when the gameplay is shit

  8. Daniel Botelho

    Daniel Botelho

    Månad sedan

    Congrats for almost turning the game around, but this fucking game benefits those who abuse the meta

  9. N.S


    Månad sedan

    Bro why do u buy players when u know ur gonna sell them later that day

  10. Heinrich Stander

    Heinrich Stander

    Månad sedan

    29 incoming GOAT, keep your head high and keep pushing, you can do it 🔥🙌

  11. simon osullivan

    simon osullivan

    Månad sedan

    Felt your pain the second game, absolutely joke

  12. Itz-Gabe 123

    Itz-Gabe 123

    Månad sedan

    maybe yu need to ball roll the goalkeeper for safest option

  13. SSJVisca10


    Månad sedan

    moments kaka, or baby cruyff + save money, or middle cruyff?

  14. Pocho Gaming

    Pocho Gaming

    Månad sedan

    433 with kaka st and vieira mid cm for everyone full chem

  15. inzaghi791


    Månad sedan

    Hi bro, u have the same play style like me. Only my Def is very bad. What can I do?

  16. Christian Dahdal

    Christian Dahdal

    Månad sedan

    How can i make the bar of the goal black

  17. Mohammad Salahadeen

    Mohammad Salahadeen

    Månad sedan

    Ball roll b4 shooting? U do 20 dribbles before reaching the gk but shooting too early in the first few games 😊 ur psyching urself down. Often when you complain about keepers and game play I see you start playing worse. Seen it in ur videos. Try to stay positive, it really seems to work for u. Gl 😉

  18. ssenyos Daviee

    ssenyos Daviee

    Månad sedan


  19. Evan C

    Evan C

    Månad sedan

    10:53 I feel you bro. No pressure from the other team but yet players with 90+ passing fail to even make a proper pass..

  20. kristian aase

    kristian aase

    Månad sedan

    I played a guy who used the 5-3-2 drop back. I had 5 post shots! and 4-5 100% sitters who went far over the goal or getting saved. He had 1 shot on goal and scored in the 90th minute. After that game, i decided to quit WL. Feels really good tbh, its just too much stress for so little rewards.

  21. Justin Masie

    Justin Masie

    Månad sedan

    I die laughing every time I hear that disk scratching..lol

  22. Bozdog Vlad Fitness

    Bozdog Vlad Fitness

    Månad sedan

    best fifa 21 content keep it up!!!!

  23. A H

    A H

    Månad sedan

    Get Schmeichel moment

  24. Florin Daniel Dresca

    Florin Daniel Dresca

    Månad sedan

    buy neuer

  25. PCGaming


    Månad sedan

    I was raging more than you at your loss ffs lol

  26. Liam Sörensen

    Liam Sörensen

    Månad sedan

    The gameplay this weekend is the worst one so far this year. It’s literally unplayable.

  27. عبدالملك الكلباني

    عبدالملك الكلباني

    Månad sedan

    Kaka moment or cruyff med ??

  28. Prince Roronoa

    Prince Roronoa

    Månad sedan

    hard luck man for this weired games, i think it happen often from the beginning of TOTS. i had the same matches against poor players and i lost, i did every things that i did before and this time doesn't work and them do nothing and scored easily and this bullshit piss me off and i broken my controller, and my hand againt the wall. i don't know what i have to do

  29. Angel Roshmanov

    Angel Roshmanov

    Månad sedan

    I did Bellingham as well, due to his amazing stats and easy links - he is insane! One of the best CMs I have used this year, a magnet for the ball and a lethal chance creator, I highly recommend for everyone to do him. Amiri is also surprisingly versitile, I use him as a LB, while I move Alphonso as a CB, it is just amazing, 5 wins out of the first 5 games of Fut Champions.

  30. Krishnendu Roy

    Krishnendu Roy

    Månad sedan

    i've never seen acuna on the bench before

  31. Noel Noni

    Noel Noni

    Månad sedan

    Buy Pavlenka. Sell Cech

  32. David Emodi

    David Emodi

    Månad sedan

    You’re too good!!!!

  33. Tezzytez Bay

    Tezzytez Bay

    Månad sedan

    Thats called scripting by ea

  34. Jim Gray

    Jim Gray

    Månad sedan

    Get waman he’s better than rashford

  35. Yahboi Vass

    Yahboi Vass

    Månad sedan

    I had to bring back renato to bro

  36. R_Nepsi


    Månad sedan

    10:35 this game is soooo bs

  37. maksoyable


    Månad sedan

    Scripting Bro. EA fucks us all up

  38. Daman Bedi

    Daman Bedi

    Månad sedan

    Boras maybe try - Prime Peter Schemeichel. I just packed him out of an icon pack last swaps and he’s saved my skin so many times

  39. Suhail Hassan

    Suhail Hassan

    Månad sedan

    You’re a true example of how the fifa community should be.

  40. DjBanani


    Månad sedan

    Boras, may i ask u a question: How do you do the freekicks with aiming the corner of the goal-keeper? Just leftstick and 3 bars?

  41. Роман Макеев

    Роман Макеев

    Månad sedan


  42. George Andrews

    George Andrews

    Månad sedan

    Boras you can get everyone on full chem in a 433

  43. Pran


    Månad sedan

    Boras raging is the funniest thing

  44. Ram Parker

    Ram Parker

    Månad sedan

    I twy my best

  45. Peter Liuwandy

    Peter Liuwandy

    Månad sedan

    damn this tots is making my squad empty

  46. Isac Werneskog

    Isac Werneskog

    Månad sedan

    Swap to 433 for chem

  47. Don Fro

    Don Fro

    Månad sedan

    Try Eusebio mid, won’t disappoint you!!

  48. Will Castle

    Will Castle

    Månad sedan

    Play a 433 flat and you can get everyone on full chem

  49. Jevo Littlebull Landers

    Jevo Littlebull Landers

    Månad sedan

    6:31 Definitely a pen



    Månad sedan

    I tried moment Cech for three times, and he disappoints me every single time when I try to believe him again. Personally I don’t think Cech is that good.

  51. Erskain a

    Erskain a

    Månad sedan

    you deserved that free win after that bullshit loss man!

  52. • Noel •

    • Noel •

    Månad sedan

    Buy Peter Smichel * he had some craxy saves in ENations Cup when Ollelito used him

  53. Thimy


    Månad sedan

    Congrats on reaching 400K Boras, that lost was absurd.

  54. Jimmy M-at

    Jimmy M-at

    Månad sedan

    The amount of attacks and chances you create in the 4312 is amazing, but i cant get it to work with me, idk why😕

  55. Toni Goro

    Toni Goro

    Månad sedan

    Pure comedy😂😂

  56. Jianfeng Huo

    Jianfeng Huo

    Månad sedan

    Boras you need to DNP Lacroix and use Mbabu, he is the ultimate beast

  57. Pavel Coca

    Pavel Coca

    Månad sedan

    Man, this game is a total joke, when people will understand this and will stop buying it? I mean only when the sales will drop significantly, only and only then EA will change something, but since everyone complains how bad it is, but still plays it, nothing is gonna change. Didn't buy the game this year and after watching your vids, I am realsure that not gonna buy it the next year. Can't imagine this game being played on a cyber sport level, such a joke. Meh

  58. Dino God

    Dino God

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for the video

  59. Naveed Beigh 6414

    Naveed Beigh 6414

    Månad sedan

    Fraudshin 😂

  60. Hamdan Rahma

    Hamdan Rahma

    Månad sedan

    Wow! We’re same 😆

  61. Amr


    Månad sedan

    You know this game is unplayable when a guy like Boras gets proper mad.

  62. RealTalk


    Månad sedan

    Rashfraud at his best

  63. Julian Fraile

    Julian Fraile

    Månad sedan

    you can get everyone on full chem i’m a 433 flat bro

    • Julian Fraile

      Julian Fraile

      Månad sedan


  64. Daniel Medina

    Daniel Medina

    Månad sedan

    Just delete my club today. This "game" is not fun at all, quite terrible...

  65. Altaf Jasnaik

    Altaf Jasnaik

    Månad sedan

    10:51 man this match was the worst DDA I've ever seen. Its like the game code wants him to loose. Absolute shite of a game!!

  66. Sml


    Månad sedan


  67. Hi Im Bob

    Hi Im Bob

    Månad sedan

    Elite 1 or elite 3 again I can already see it :( that loss came too early

  68. Abdur Rehman Rashid

    Abdur Rehman Rashid

    Månad sedan

    08:30 incredible absolutely incredible.

  69. saeeddeanable


    Månad sedan

    So 3 star wf coman scores on his wf. But 4 star wf rash misses and 5 star wf isak misses. EA, u need to explain urself really. Tired of this ish man. Pope saving 20 shots a game and shit. Explain EA, really. Everytime a new card comes out u nerf the old card. All gold cards nerfed , why??? Some ppl don't have 30 hrs a weak to play this garbage frustrating game man

  70. Vishal Sarma

    Vishal Sarma

    Månad sedan

    I feel you bro!!! The opponent's gk is always Spiderman 🥲🥲

  71. Bryan de Leeuw

    Bryan de Leeuw

    Månad sedan

    All the time I have hard gameplay I look at Botas and he has the worst. 2-0 and you face everyone

  72. Andres E

    Andres E

    Månad sedan

    6:30 fifa in a nutshell that entire sequence

  73. The Joker

    The Joker

    Månad sedan

    Congratulations 400k 🔥🎉🥳

  74. talib rather

    talib rather

    Månad sedan

    This game is not worth raging

  75. Randi Asra Dahnial

    Randi Asra Dahnial

    Månad sedan

    Bro, I'm laughing seeing your desperation not because I like it but because even a great player like you also deal with the same shitery! Good content as always Boras!

  76. Tshepo Ditshego

    Tshepo Ditshego

    Månad sedan

    Don’t be a cry baby , that guy was robbed , the game could have ended 2:1, bench Trashford

  77. Jamie


    Månad sedan


  78. Yafet Solomon

    Yafet Solomon

    Månad sedan

    That game you lost was so dumb. These tots goalkeepers are insanely hard to score on. If I have one advice to you boras maybe you should start shooting across the goal more often. I do the same thing like you everyweek I feel like my hands are stuck in fifa 20 and I miss so many chances because of it

  79. andres C

    andres C

    Månad sedan

    no cap you did some dumb stuff and took very bad decisions in front of goal like what is that??? 12:04

  80. nonya business

    nonya business

    Månad sedan

    Chip shots

  81. Anil Anil

    Anil Anil

    Månad sedan

    People still play this EA trash fantasy game LOL

  82. Max Hållbus

    Max Hållbus

    Månad sedan

    Ivan, i tell YOU. Jag har lösningen. Hur du kommer vinna varje match. Ser i alla videos varför vissa matcher går som dem gör!

  83. Saran Jayan

    Saran Jayan

    Månad sedan

    ❤️ for Legend ❤️

  84. hamadi ghilen

    hamadi ghilen

    Månad sedan

    The main man … love the uploads makes my day man ❤️ good luck with the WL

  85. Sergio Garcia

    Sergio Garcia

    Månad sedan

    That’s crazy how much DDA was in your third game, I lost my second game because of the same shit , my opponent was terrible but he kept getting every bounce and every loose ball and scored 5/5 meanwhile i had 2 goals 9 shots on target and hit post 2-3times , called it right there for today’s shit gameplay lol

  86. TurkiK25


    Månad sedan

    That 3rd game was the unlikeliest thing I’ve ever seen

  87. Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee

    Månad sedan

    This type of thing happens to me way too often..lost 3 games after extra time..all in which I was leading by 3 goals and I conceded those rebound goals and hit the post frequently

  88. Moes VLOG

    Moes VLOG

    Månad sedan

    Bro there’s literally some shady shit with keepers if you have a high percentage of shots and possession keepers turn to 🐙 against you. On the other hand, counter against you boom goal 🤣

  89. Sami Ayman

    Sami Ayman

    Månad sedan

    Hey boras If you change the formation to 4-3-3(1) and play bellingham on the right and kaka cm vieira st you can get everyone in 10 chemistry instead of having rashford and davies on 8 Thank me later

  90. David OLeary

    David OLeary

    Månad sedan

    Arturito instead of renato 😨

  91. eder briceno

    eder briceno

    Månad sedan

    It’s crazy how much EA make from fifa points but they can’t put that money to go towards good and consistent gameplay. Props to Ivan for keeping his cool for as long as he can

  92. Ryan Yu

    Ryan Yu

    Månad sedan

    EA calls this shit 'dynamic difficulty adjustment', nothing we can do, man.

  93. Matthew Beauchamp

    Matthew Beauchamp

    Månad sedan

    go 433 and you can get everyone on full chem

  94. QM Wilson

    QM Wilson

    Månad sedan

    Boras regular 433 gets all your players on full chem

    • QM Wilson

      QM Wilson

      Månad sedan

      lol never mind i didn't watch far

  95. konain


    Månad sedan

    Hey boras you’re very good at fifa. But one tip for finishing situations would be to ball roll the keeper instead of shooting and trying to chip. Once again it makes my day when you upload!

  96. Ulrich


    Månad sedan

    This editing got me laughing soooo hard 🤣🤣🤣 LMAO GG

  97. Mario Alarcon

    Mario Alarcon

    Månad sedan

    Lacroix is not good for me I think its his reactions

  98. Oliver Fox

    Oliver Fox

    Månad sedan

    i will storm EA HQ to get justice for the pure shit that you put up with honestly i respect it but the game is unplayable

  99. Kaizen


    Månad sedan

    jesus man that game against moments r9 was painful

  100. Jose


    Månad sedan