Flaws in the team appear but so does new beasts.

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  1. Bradley Monk

    Bradley Monk

    Månad sedan

    Tapsoba is such a beast. If you're looking for Tapsoba green links, try TOTS Amiri.

  2. Bradley Monk

    Bradley Monk

    Månad sedan

    Tapsoba is such a beast. If you're looking for Tapsoba green links, try TOTS Amiri.

  3. TGS


    Månad sedan

    Hey boras, idk if you’ll see this but I’m going through a really tough time in my life right now and it’s been really hard but ur videos and streams are just such an escape for me and really do help me just forget everything for a little while. Thank you and keep it up ❤️

  4. Heinrich Stander

    Heinrich Stander

    Månad sedan

    Hectic gameplay, but you survived GOAT, well done 🙌🔥

  5. KhaliD MoHAmeD

    KhaliD MoHAmeD

    Månad sedan

    Last game is so Hart , and This week Atal lost alot goals

  6. Greg Brennan

    Greg Brennan

    Månad sedan

    Does anyone know how to change the colour of your posts in game?

  7. Jake Griffiths

    Jake Griffiths

    Månad sedan

    That last game was fucking intense

  8. Jesse Lemon

    Jesse Lemon

    Månad sedan

    gameplay heavy like arturos balls..that was too funny xD

  9. fares Faroussi

    fares Faroussi

    Månad sedan

    hey boras i have a question whos better baby cruyff or atal? massive fan btw

  10. Kemal Ovcina

    Kemal Ovcina

    Månad sedan

    Love this guy, his reaction on 16:12 was Joker esque😂😂

  11. Dystinctt


    Månad sedan

    A Jose Mourinho Inter Milan would be a fun squad to build.

  12. Steve


    Månad sedan

    Boras always makes me feel better cuz he had the same problems I had over the weekend. This weekend was the heavy gameplay and random finishing

  13. Nana Yaw

    Nana Yaw

    Månad sedan

    When the opponent missed the panenka and Boras shouted 'aguerooooo' I thought 'city fans fans will be offended' and I realised that....😂 IYKYK

  14. totti ballo

    totti ballo

    Månad sedan

    @boraslegend someone from Burkina Faso is a called Burkinabè.

  15. JIX


    Månad sedan

    so close to 400k btw

  16. Peter Lawrence

    Peter Lawrence

    Månad sedan

    "gameplay is a mess" yet it looks 3 times better than 99% of my games

  17. Karan


    Månad sedan

    I packed Jadon Sancho TOTS in 81+ player pick.

  18. jeamial matty

    jeamial matty

    Månad sedan

    Fut bday cards have been nerfed .!!!!!!

  19. Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee

    Månad sedan

    Someone from Burkina faso is “Burkinabe”

  20. Lightion


    Månad sedan

    I got gold 2 usually where I finish but chocked gold 1 even though needed 1 win out of 2, but I have to say fb pique is definitely a sus, his positioning did cost me few games. Defensively nobody can dribble around him, he gets the tackle everytime but whenever there is 2 v 2 situation and you are controlling your 2nd cb, he moves out of position to give the opponent the opportunity for perfect through balls which might not have been possible if he hadn't moved.

  21. go ahead n' try hard

    go ahead n' try hard

    Månad sedan

    Boras I'm a fan and I have a suggestion maybe you should be live on twitch not only fut champs but maybe you can do like 1v1s vs fans I think that would be fun



    Månad sedan

    is there any way you could try toni kroos?

  23. Rob Prince

    Rob Prince

    Månad sedan

    The constant sound of the analog sticks on the controller puts me off his videos even though I like him. Don't @ me.

  24. nothing


    Månad sedan

    11:30 the stuff of nightmares

  25. Simangaliso Sithole

    Simangaliso Sithole

    Månad sedan

    I thought it was me. My players where missing shots so much this league scoring unexpected goals missing 1v1s. I couldn't explain it. Maybe they nurfed tots. I even put in kane missed like crazy on all angels

  26. Niall Sheahan

    Niall Sheahan

    Månad sedan

    gameplay this weekend was so ass this weekend, shooting and dribbling didn’t feel how it usually does.

  27. Ben Dixon

    Ben Dixon

    Månad sedan

    1:44 did he fart?

  28. pepi filipov

    pepi filipov

    Månad sedan

    You are a Legend bro 💯 ✔️ nice episode

  29. Waheed Khan

    Waheed Khan

    Månad sedan

    You are a legend

  30. officialr akin

    officialr akin

    Månad sedan

    feel like im watching a movie damn what a great video

  31. Mahdi Abdi

    Mahdi Abdi

    Månad sedan

    Road To 400K Subscribers... ❤️

  32. secretland666king


    Månad sedan

    Bro . what did they do to ATAL ???!!! He's too weak nowadays

  33. Mithun S L

    Mithun S L

    Månad sedan

    The stress at the end through the roof

  34. DannyMastery


    Månad sedan

    At least I know I’m not the only one that gets mad at this weekend’s gameplay

  35. DannyMastery


    Månad sedan

    This week was horrible. I almost threw my controller across the room.

  36. Mo Ali

    Mo Ali

    Månad sedan

    No one should play Kounde, he's one of the worst defenders in the game. Seriously, he plays like he's 60 rating.

  37. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams

    Månad sedan

    Gameplay looks slow for you here, my gameplay felt terrible this weekend, just didn’t feel right, had to struggle to gold 2 with two games left, also played against moments r9, then moments cruyff and 90 gullit back to back matches!

  38. Aditya Jadhav

    Aditya Jadhav

    Månad sedan


  39. girish raghavendra

    girish raghavendra

    Månad sedan

    14:53 this guy really watches football..Aguero missed similar penalty against Chelsea...

  40. Danendra Rifqi

    Danendra Rifqi

    Månad sedan

    I always mute the audio from all of your videos whenever you started talking, I don't like your accents tbh, I really sorry but I do love your gameplay

  41. Luqman Harith

    Luqman Harith

    Månad sedan

    this game so scripted ffs

  42. Glenn Hampusson

    Glenn Hampusson

    Månad sedan

    I need to compleat him becuase i have kimmich,davies,lacroix,lazaro,neuer tots

  43. David Google

    David Google

    Månad sedan

    Boras, DDB in ADN is a common phrase for that team Dinamo Bucharest he is a hard die fan probably

  44. muhammad adam

    muhammad adam

    Månad sedan

    boras,you should put kounde on rcb not lcb cus he is right footed

  45. Jamz Z

    Jamz Z

    Månad sedan

    Which cable do you use for your controller?

  46. Trisha Gaming

    Trisha Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for the video

  47. Various games

    Various games

    Månad sedan

    Ayyymmmmmaaaannnnnn..... Thanks for the "arturo's ball " part 😆😆😆😆😆 ayyman the 🐐

    • Various games

      Various games

      Månad sedan

      @ayMan got pele from 91+ prime icon upgrade man :D

    • ayMan


      Månad sedan


  48. Mrspecs1


    Månad sedan

    Ryan if you see this cantona is a fraud

  49. Badflyful


    Månad sedan

    yes man|! bigup africa needs to be done!

  50. Colin Suydam

    Colin Suydam

    Månad sedan

    ““The gameplay is heavier than Aturos balls. Which means it’s super heavy so...”😂

  51. Kevin Cahill

    Kevin Cahill

    Månad sedan


  52. DMR Soccer

    DMR Soccer

    Månad sedan

    16:52 perfect example of DDA and your reactions are hilarious 😂 just missing the sound effects 😅 Love your videos Boras! ❤️

  53. Pranay Kumar

    Pranay Kumar

    Månad sedan

    5:55 I swear zambrotta used his hand to clear the ball

    • Leevi Hellman

      Leevi Hellman

      Månad sedan

      And the time 5.55 illuminati?

    • Peter Andersen

      Peter Andersen

      Månad sedan

      If you slow down the speed, you can see that he heads it away. But in real time it really looks like he hits it with his hand

  54. EMGuides


    Månad sedan

    Kounde is such a poor card with double medium work rates

  55. Massi Delawari

    Massi Delawari

    Månad sedan

    Which skillmove is this 14:29?

  56. ecaj1234


    Månad sedan

    Don't sleep on objective Amiri, trust me

  57. Sebastian Jiga

    Sebastian Jiga

    Månad sedan

    4:12 “ only Dinamo Bucuresti in ADN “, Dinamo Bucuresti is a prestige Romanian team. :)

  58. ChilledP


    Månad sedan

    16:56 I felt that one

  59. Dino God

    Dino God

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for the video

  60. Drew Castle

    Drew Castle

    Månad sedan

    Tapsoba has been a beast all weekend, a must do SBC for sure. Amazing and crazy stream today. Well played. See you on Tuesday!

  61. Mohmad Nofal

    Mohmad Nofal

    Månad sedan

    Big Love From Palestine ❤️✌🏻 legend botas 🤍

  62. RodriFUT98


    Månad sedan

    amazing weekend when i’m not playing ultimate team

  63. OreoMonster70


    Månad sedan

    This Tapsoba guy... jesus christ he is good. He is so worth it. Elite player, best cb ever used.

    • OreoMonster70


      Månad sedan

      @Reload TV really? I was able to make some insane tackles against toty ronaldo, felt like cheating😂 I use him in 41212 narrow

    • Reload TV

      Reload TV

      Månad sedan

      He's great for me in rivals 2100 skill rating but in champs he was terrible

  64. Дима Москвин

    Дима Москвин

    Månad sedan

    lol guys look at 9:13 he is not even controlling Desailly look at this aceleration

  65. Luis Felipe Camargo

    Luis Felipe Camargo

    Månad sedan

    Rash fraud

  66. blackappleslo


    Månad sedan

    Kounde is garbage indeed. Played him last weekend. Weak, slow and can’t tackle. He’s cheap for a reason.

  67. ethan Fuja

    ethan Fuja

    Månad sedan

    It’s 1:15 am in morning and I have school in 5 hours BUT I WILL NEVER MISS BORAS

  68. Ruben Campbell

    Ruben Campbell

    Månad sedan

    Did anyone notice zambrottas handball at 5:53 WTF???

  69. Joel-Kyrillos Chamoun

    Joel-Kyrillos Chamoun

    Månad sedan

    Botas spelade du mot någon som hade cruyf momments i 433 för tror jag mötte dig

  70. Logan Harding50

    Logan Harding50

    Månad sedan

    I got matched up with prime r9 this week for fut chapms and said the exact same thing it’s prime r9 what can I do

  71. Huncho A7

    Huncho A7

    Månad sedan

    Hahahahah Boras you farted !!! 1:44

  72. Michal Obszanski

    Michal Obszanski

    Månad sedan

    5:56 Zambrotta hit ball by his hand :D wtf? :)

  73. Andrei Andrei

    Andrei Andrei

    Månad sedan

    "DDB IN ADN" stands for "Doar Dinamo Bucuresti in ADN" which translates as "Only Dinamo Bucharest in our Dna" Cheers.

    • BorasLegend


      Månad sedan

      Oh, thanks!

    • Omai Gudnes

      Omai Gudnes

      Månad sedan

      Aguante Peñarol

    • marciuc emanuel

      marciuc emanuel

      Månad sedan

      Forta Steaua/ Forta Steaua/ HE/ HE!

    • marciuc emanuel

      marciuc emanuel

      Månad sedan


    • Mary 28

      Mary 28

      Månad sedan

      Hai Dinamooo❤❤

  74. Tarik Nezirević

    Tarik Nezirević

    Månad sedan

    In Boras I sometimes hear the Bosnian/Croatian accent and its so funny. Love from Bosnia

    • daniel gardar

      daniel gardar

      Månad sedan

      Boras is born and raised in Sweden but some of his heritage is of Croatian decent

  75. :::Feel::the::PAIN:::


    Månad sedan

    Who else said “AGÜERO” at 14:51

  76. Guilherme Carballo

    Guilherme Carballo

    Månad sedan

    Anyone saw the handball form zambrota in the minute 5:50?

  77. SuperOllie


    Månad sedan

    Isak the Volvo 😂😂

  78. Enrique19S


    Månad sedan

    4:15 DDB means “Doar Dinamo Bucuresti” in translation “Only Dinamo Bucharest” and DDB IN ADN is a message typically used by Dinamo’s ultras

    • RandomPerson


      Månad sedan

      Dylan Dicker Burgess iykyk

  79. konain


    Månad sedan

    Hi boras. Keep up the good work. I wait all day for you to upload. And it never disappoints!

  80. Tage Sango

    Tage Sango

    Månad sedan

    Hello legend

  81. O Pai Tá On

    O Pai Tá On

    Månad sedan

    You got essien and cruyff and zambrotta 3 icons, besides dalglish. He is easy to link with them you just need a bundesliga gk. Kounde isnt that good either .



    Månad sedan

    That last game😭🔥

  83. Super Saibot

    Super Saibot

    Månad sedan

    Boras really is a legend

  84. 🍑🐒


    Månad sedan

    You don't play fifa. Fifa plays you.

  85. Luka Doncic

    Luka Doncic

    Månad sedan

    Boras please do the bundesliga RB SBC if you haven't already! Hes incredible and would be perfect for your play style at RB

    • Bao Nguyen

      Bao Nguyen

      Månad sedan

      The cheap zambrotta

  86. Abiodun Gbadamosi

    Abiodun Gbadamosi

    Månad sedan

    Welcome to a video on the scoop turn...

  87. Knockedh


    Månad sedan

    Top 5 CB in the game costs 300k lol

  88. MetrosClique


    Månad sedan

    I was hesitating about tapsoba. I'm definitely gonna do him now. Good session lets get that 30-0 this week legend

    • Mr Bad

      Mr Bad

      Månad sedan

      me too man😁

  89. Mango Bulhan

    Mango Bulhan

    Månad sedan

    15:34 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. hajra gulma

    hajra gulma

    Månad sedan

    3:44 😂😂😂😂😂😂 tapsobaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  91. Moorley


    Månad sedan

    I’m wondering if anyone can help me with my fifa ability. So when I get the ball and make a run for the opponents box literally all of there players come for me. But when I watch other people or when the opponent does the same thing to me my defenders are no where to be found.

    • Irfan Idris

      Irfan Idris

      Månad sedan

      Hmmmm try putting your tactics on press after possession loss

  92. not Donovan

    not Donovan

    Månad sedan

    1:44 I heard that😫

  93. Omar Merican

    Omar Merican

    Månad sedan

    anyone else hear a fart at 1:44? hahahaha. love that.

  94. Liam Mangan

    Liam Mangan

    Månad sedan




    Månad sedan

    12:25 the player that miss the shot was rashford, and yet cruyff get sub off come on man u dont buy 2 million coins player just to play 1 half

    • Tom Kocian

      Tom Kocian

      Månad sedan

      Anyways it was just one substitution so I don't understand the madness, you are making around it.

    • Tom Kocian

      Tom Kocian

      Månad sedan

      @MUHAMMAD ADZMEL BIN JAMALUDDIN Jesus, relax. Cruff has a great card with really good body type, weak foot, SM, work rates and stats and it is an amazing opition. But that doesn't guarantee that he will play beastly every game every minute. Boras simply trusted Rashford more in that moment.



      Månad sedan

      @Tom Kocian so at the first place why he bought that cruyff, is it for no reason ?? better buy the players that he really feels good

    • Tom Kocian

      Tom Kocian

      Månad sedan

      Wtf, isn´t it his decision to chose who will play? Boras is very experienced and he clearly wasn´t subbing him off for no reason. Rashford is just better suited for ST

  96. Ravel Jnr Jnr

    Ravel Jnr Jnr

    Månad sedan




    Månad sedan

    10:32 should actually sub atal off, cruyff is the king and you cant overcome that

  98. Kasim Oral

    Kasim Oral

    Månad sedan

    Boras which console has tougher matchmaking? Xbox or PS?

    • Amine Hammer

      Amine Hammer

      Månad sedan

      Probably PS

  99. Murad Srtky

    Murad Srtky

    Månad sedan

    Is Atal nerfed or? 🤔

    • Murad Srtky

      Murad Srtky

      Månad sedan

      @Alex Banu RIP Algerian Cruyff!

    • Alex Banu

      Alex Banu

      Månad sedan

      He moved very weirdly tonight for me. Figo PIM was way better.

  100. Milos Mladjen

    Milos Mladjen

    Månad sedan

    Hellooooo 😁😁😁