The new defensive line gets a hard test.

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  1. OnlySkillZ 12

    OnlySkillZ 12

    8 dagar sedan

    how to do 13:43 skill?

  2. Doozie Slime

    Doozie Slime

    10 dagar sedan

    “He was like playing Fortnite up front: cones edits..” 😂

  3. Elmar Sumadi

    Elmar Sumadi

    16 dagar sedan

    double pumps 😂

  4. zain hussain

    zain hussain

    19 dagar sedan

    How do you do that skill on 13.44?

  5. A Poocumber

    A Poocumber

    19 dagar sedan

    Let’s face it. Vidal is definitely better than renato. It’s a sad truth

  6. Jess Kodiamoutou

    Jess Kodiamoutou

    19 dagar sedan

    It’s not skills it’s rat meta moves

  7. Philipp


    21 dag sedan

    How tf does that skill move at 4:50 work??

  8. Awwab Momin

    Awwab Momin

    25 dagar sedan

    If u dint call the keeper y dint u show the controller camera

  9. Mr Potato

    Mr Potato

    28 dagar sedan

    That Tapsoba card seems to be on point meta wise. I bought tots Wan Bissaka for a CB. Hes amazing facing the attacker one on one but turns poorly for through balls which his pace should help with but it doesnt.

  10. yt b

    yt b

    28 dagar sedan

    I honestly cant seem to memorize skill moves, any tips?

  11. JohnnyRoxxter


    28 dagar sedan

    Vilken skiller killen var!

  12. Lunebi yeah

    Lunebi yeah

    28 dagar sedan

    Lol u didn’t face a Scandinavians then ....

  13. boortje B

    boortje B

    29 dagar sedan

    13:41 best skill i’ve ever seen

    • Thomas Cryan

      Thomas Cryan

      27 dagar sedan

      Think it’s a McGeady spin cancel into a drag back fake. That’s just insanely difficult to pull off

    • joonalukkari


      28 dagar sedan

      how do you do this?

  14. Gameyt Riser

    Gameyt Riser

    Månad sedan

    13:41 (he send me to madagaskar) That was funny lol xD

  15. Yijun Yoon

    Yijun Yoon

    Månad sedan

    Boras, no ps5 yet?

  16. Razvan Kirchoff

    Razvan Kirchoff

    Månad sedan

    The free decade affectively rock because correspondent symptomatically license apud a madly ear. noxious, goofy cub

  17. SoV21


    Månad sedan

    Time wasting in the final minutes. Sad

  18. Boruto Shippuden

    Boruto Shippuden

    Månad sedan

    you need to be toxic to toxic players.. give them a good taste of their shit

  19. Dooleh


    Månad sedan

    Basic players? They're Ronaldo, Neymar and Mbappe. lol They're still better than 90% of tots cards.

  20. Gius3pp3K


    Månad sedan

    I wish i could dribble and use skills like you 🙃

  21. ツuBaq


    Månad sedan

    1:55 no way, its not off side because his player went down haha

  22. ryan mills

    ryan mills

    Månad sedan

    11:04 ummmm…..what?

  23. lano degreat

    lano degreat

    Månad sedan

    Boras , how do u enjoy this dumb foolish fake unrealistic game ?

  24. Aa3Dr Gam3r

    Aa3Dr Gam3r

    Månad sedan

    You fakes the title again ..come on borasssie XD

  25. Luca


    Månad sedan

    the trigger celebrations is actually neymars x celebration

  26. Eren Dogan

    Eren Dogan

    Månad sedan

    how often do you press L1?

  27. Cadzino


    Månad sedan

    Anyone know if that skilled is a contest creator hes insane

  28. Mika83s


    Månad sedan

    11:50 is the guy from the title

  29. Last H

    Last H

    Månad sedan

    I dont know how to do skills i play pro clubs CB and GK but the Last guy you play agienst wil be so Hard to stop him if he plays St agienst any player

  30. Gerald Rae

    Gerald Rae

    Månad sedan

    Do you think you would win so ridiculously easily if skills were taken out of the game to make it true football?

  31. Rasim Ozan

    Rasim Ozan

    Månad sedan

    I laughed hard when He say He sent me man go madagascar hahaha hilarious ı would like the watch streams

  32. Redz Legend

    Redz Legend

    Månad sedan

    Best skiller ? He done fuck all 😫

  33. corysagaming


    Månad sedan

    Hahah. He took off the controller cam for that Neymar chip goal because he didnt want to look foolish claiming he didnt bring Oblak out.

  34. Danny expo

    Danny expo

    Månad sedan

    where is cantona??

  35. H ALD

    H ALD

    Månad sedan

    I tried changing tactics the past week and failed 4 times any tips on decent formation , instructions and tactics ?

  36. Hannut06


    Månad sedan

    15:15 😂😂

  37. DilipFIFA


    Månad sedan

    Instructions for 41212?❤️

  38. Heinrich Stander

    Heinrich Stander

    Månad sedan

    Beautiful gameplay, you're on fire at the moment GOAT 🔥🙌

  39. Gozilla Angelo

    Gozilla Angelo

    Månad sedan

    Boras you can just go to settings and set inputs command on to display your controls on the screen

  40. Johan Sjögren

    Johan Sjögren

    Månad sedan

    What is that move called 13:50 ? After the Mcgeady cancel

  41. Jooeslorv


    Månad sedan

    what is the song name 1.34?

  42. Clap ya hands everybody

    Clap ya hands everybody

    Månad sedan

    Rashford is insane

  43. Robert G

    Robert G

    Månad sedan

    You need to add time stamps.

  44. Daniel Botelho

    Daniel Botelho

    Månad sedan

    You have to live in the servers to be able to do left stick dribble like that

  45. J J

    J J

    Månad sedan

    13:40 this dude knows wtf hes doing u rly gotta master skill cancelling to do that, sickk ass combo

    • Last Samurai

      Last Samurai

      Månad sedan

      @J J lmaoo

    • J J

      J J

      Månad sedan

      @Last Samurai welppp just found my new skill move to abuse then lol

    • Last Samurai

      Last Samurai

      Månad sedan

      Bro it’s a glitch I’ve done that skill multiple times when I Mcgeady cancel

    • — Isidor880

      — Isidor880

      Månad sedan

      it was a mcgeady spin than he cancelled, i would break all my fingers

    • J J

      J J

      Månad sedan

      @Nguyên Khang Phạm its a combo of two skill moves but before you do the second you have to hard cancel before the first one finishes. Just not sure what the first move is but the second is and L-turn fake

  46. 21 EK

    21 EK

    Månad sedan

    nice song picks :)

  47. CW RR

    CW RR

    Månad sedan

    Just call them nutmeggers don't use the short version.

  48. Vukile Simelane

    Vukile Simelane

    Månad sedan

    One of the best FIFA streamer. You keep your audience entertained man. Much appreciated Boras. Have learnt a lot from you mate

  49. Konradiojump


    Månad sedan

    Bad that you didnt congrats norway with 17.mai

  50. mex


    Månad sedan

    What are your player tactics boras?



    Månad sedan

    Thousand sub for him

  52. Vormir Dace

    Vormir Dace

    Månad sedan

    He did what a wonder full skill when he sent you to madagascar 😂😂🤯

  53. BasBasSve


    Månad sedan

    If this is best skiller you faced I have no words... Try to play on PC, guys in division 5 do better and way more efficient skills than this guy...

  54. Phoenix


    Månad sedan

    Boras please make a video of Lazaro, play him as striker, CRAZY CRAZY good!

  55. Snoopy Brown

    Snoopy Brown

    Månad sedan

    „We have to simply outscore him“ Every football match ever

  56. VY9


    Månad sedan

    Should i replace maldini mid with tapsoba? Maldini has 82 accelaration and tapsoba just 3 more

  57. Arsalan Karimaghai

    Arsalan Karimaghai

    Månad sedan

    01:45-2:15 an onwards.. the background music reminds me of a song (if it’s not the song itself). Can anyone help me find it? I think they might sing something about ”good times”, but I’m not sure

    • Moh Afzal

      Moh Afzal

      Månad sedan

      It’s also Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

    • JJ_MCOC


      Månad sedan

      @Arsalan Karimaghai no worries 👍

    • Arsalan Karimaghai

      Arsalan Karimaghai

      Månad sedan

      @JJ_MCOC thanks bro, you’re brilliant

    • JJ_MCOC


      Månad sedan

      Maroon 5 - memories

  58. Gee Tech

    Gee Tech

    Månad sedan

    Courtior TOTS best goalkeeper in the game no boubt,his handling gives no rebounds at all..And position is the best of all.. you wont conceive corners as he is 6,6 with comes for crosses he beast anyone in the air.. u cant beat him near post as his reflexes for near post are OP on him

  59. Avalon Phoenix

    Avalon Phoenix

    Månad sedan

    He suk instead of isak

  60. Big Niqo

    Big Niqo

    Månad sedan

    400k subs incoming! Lesgooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



    Månad sedan

    11:04 😩

  62. Miles Peneguy

    Miles Peneguy

    Månad sedan

    Legend you have gotten very crafty with those skills!

  63. Akın Bebek

    Akın Bebek

    Månad sedan

    can some1 plz tell me his camera settings?

  64. Player 51

    Player 51

    Månad sedan

    Tapsoba is amazing guys, trust me best cb with varane tots

  65. John M

    John M

    Månad sedan

    Lol his keeper at your penalty I'd be gutted at that animation

    • Baba Tune

      Baba Tune

      Månad sedan

      The penalty decision + the kepper animation. The game really hates him.

  66. Артём Трубин

    Артём Трубин

    Månad sedan

    Is Tapsoba worth doing even if I have no Bundesliga nor Icons in my team? Like play him from the banch, cause I'm not sure if I have coins or fodder to build team around him.

    • Артём Трубин

      Артём Трубин

      Månad sedan

      @puluzu thank you for response

    • puluzu


      Månad sedan

      No, only worth it if you can get him on 8 chem which for a cb means one strong link or two weak links.

  67. Darren Phillips

    Darren Phillips

    Månad sedan

    legendary, he sent me to madagascar

  68. Noble iroh

    Noble iroh

    Månad sedan

    What camera does boras use

  69. Jon McEvoy

    Jon McEvoy

    Månad sedan

    United past and present next boss?

  70. Chen Ation

    Chen Ation

    Månad sedan

    Hi Boras, can you explain your instructions on each player on 41212 Diamond?

  71. Munene george

    Munene george

    Månad sedan

    Boras has been on some of that mary jane himself coz his streams have gotten so much funnier

  72. Stefan Saulescu

    Stefan Saulescu

    Månad sedan

    Hello! Can u tell me something ? What camera do u use ?

  73. Fernando Ruiz

    Fernando Ruiz

    Månad sedan

    Cracked me up when he said that the guy attacked like he was playing fortnite 😂😂😂

  74. Joseph Raad

    Joseph Raad

    Månad sedan

    11:07 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Dennis


    Månad sedan

    what was that mcgeady cancel into drag back fake i would’ve broken my fingers... crazy

  76. Connor Yancy

    Connor Yancy

    Månad sedan

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  77. Zalán Író

    Zalán Író

    Månad sedan

    Whats the music from 7:45?

  78. Tobias Voldsgaard

    Tobias Voldsgaard

    Månad sedan

    atal = sbc fodder

  79. William Andersson

    William Andersson

    Månad sedan

    The problem with my opponents is that they are so bad so they dont do anything when I skill

  80. Psycick


    Månad sedan

    13:46 which skill did he do?.....can anyone tell the controls pls.

  81. Leo Styrström

    Leo Styrström

    Månad sedan

    What a pass oj oj oj 😀

  82. PanSra PanSra

    PanSra PanSra

    Månad sedan

    I Also met the team jorgino guy, he was so crazy, he did even autoswith just to take a pass😳

  83. Long Trần

    Long Trần

    Månad sedan

    essien saved you from that match bro

  84. Shatta Flex

    Shatta Flex

    Månad sedan

    I release a lot of stress n pain from watching u..thanks bro

  85. Jack L

    Jack L

    Månad sedan

    Didn't notice anybody mentioning it and Boras you've probably checked the scores already but Nadal won the deciding set for his 10th Rome 1000 so yeah as a hardcore Rafa fan I'm really delighted :) Ytd was filled with exciting matches, like Alisson's winning header, Atletico's comeback win etc.

  86. Louis


    Månad sedan

    almost 400k subscriber. lets go Boras

  87. Nahom


    Månad sedan

    Road to 400k

  88. Tough Asgardian

    Tough Asgardian

    Månad sedan

    Hey boras! If you give your strikers the instructions to drift wide they create a lot more space between the opponent’s defenders. It’s worked so well for me especially with CAMS if you instruct them to get in the box. Because they run into the spaces when your strikers pull defenders wide

  89. Dino God

    Dino God

    Månad sedan

    Thanks for the video

  90. Gato 69xxx

    Gato 69xxx

    Månad sedan

    So many sus people in the comments, can tell in need of gf

  91. Decay Gaming

    Decay Gaming

    Månad sedan

    Boras got sent to the Gulag by mbappe in that last game, very solid team Boras, well done

  92. Bags


    Månad sedan

    Cones and edits upfront 😂

  93. Klaus Scherer

    Klaus Scherer

    Månad sedan

    Tapsoba the Tripod Man!

  94. Leo Edward

    Leo Edward

    Månad sedan

    should I get; 91 Icon Moments Veron or 89 TOTS Llorente. I need an attacking CDM in a 442 for my team

    • Ibraham abdoulaye

      Ibraham abdoulaye

      Månad sedan

      Llorente isn’t really good for attacking bc he has 3* 3* and bad agility and balance that limits him but if you don’t use skill I would use him

  95. DMR Soccer

    DMR Soccer

    Månad sedan

    12:57 RIP driven pass, first-time fake shot goal for the Member :(

  96. Sergio Iván González

    Sergio Iván González

    Månad sedan

    Why is Marcus still in your club man?

  97. ChilledP


    Månad sedan

    1:51 Watch Rashford 😂 Destroyed that defender, keeping Cruyff onside

    • Lztm HD

      Lztm HD

      28 dagar sedan


  98. Nathaniel Hart

    Nathaniel Hart

    Månad sedan


  99. Muhammad Waleed

    Muhammad Waleed

    Månad sedan

    @BorasLegend - what’s that skill move called @13:41

    • Muhammad Waleed

      Muhammad Waleed

      Månad sedan

      @Paagal Hidaan thanks a lot much appreciated. I have been trying to find it for long time

    • Paagal Hidaan

      Paagal Hidaan

      Månad sedan

      It's a fake dragback. SE-one it, you'll find it. Can be done to both sides.

  100. Dee Don

    Dee Don

    Månad sedan

    Is it just me wondering how the guy @ 8:47 has red Alaba

    • Dee Don

      Dee Don

      Månad sedan

      @Edgar Torres Ohh I thought he was Bundesliga

    • Edgar Torres

      Edgar Torres

      Månad sedan

      What about it? Alaba tots came out with community picks